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Project W's
2022 Grantees
Finalist & Voting Information
Project W Members:
Thank you to the grant committees that worked hard to select this year's four organizations to be awarded grants totaling $60,000. The Small Grants committee has selected Centro de Apoyo Comunitario to receive $6,000. Members will decide the distribution of the remaining $54,000 among the three grant finalist organizations. You will vote to select the organization receiving the top award of $30,000. The remaining two organizations will receive $12,000 each. Please take the time to read about them below before the Annual Meeting on June 15th.
Project W is committed to enhancing and improving the quality of life for women in Delaware County, through collective giving, by women. We received 31 applications in four focus areas: Health, Education, Family, and Small Grants. Applicants could apply for General Operating, Program or Capacity Building support. During the grant review process, committee members conducted site visits with select applicants to further understand their work. The selection of the grant finalists occurred at the committee meetings in April.
Finalist Information
Below is a set of materials for each of the grantees (executive summary, application, site visit summary, budget and financial statements). If short on time, the first page Executive Summary will provide a proposal summary and the committee's reasons for choosing the organization.

Casting Your Vote
Attending the Annual Meeting?
Please do not vote at this time. You will vote at the Annual Meeting, after hearing presentations from the representatives from each organization.

Unable to attend the Annual Meeting?
Please vote by 5pm on June 15th. Using the link below, rank the finalists from 1 to 3, with 1 being your first choice and 3 being your last.

Group membership - only the group representative should vote for your group. Please email ProjectW@TCFhelps.org if you need assistance.

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Women can have a significant impact by pooling our resources and supporting organizations that make a difference for women in Delaware County. In the process, you will be in the fellowship of other community-minded women and learn more about the many organizations that enrich and improve our daily lives.

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