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Update on Projects.
Preserve, Conserve, Repurpose Through Deconstruction

Lately, we are engaged in deconstruction work that diverges from the straight ahead idea of taking a building completely apart from the roof down to the foundation. 
Instead , have a number of ongoing jobs that demonstrate various versions of deconstruction. In one case we are dismantling into panels or sections  and rebuilding; in another, dismantling into panels that will be integrated into the building of another barn; in another, taking apart two barns to save materials ( except the roof structures). 
Whenever possible preserving the building as it has always been is a priority. When that is not possible, taking it apart and putting it back together so that it is not only functional again, but so that the original historic character is preserved. When neither of those processes are feasible, dismantling to conserve the materials for reuse in other similar historic buildings is the next priority. Finally reclaiming the materials for other uses is the priority. For example first using wood from a barn to repair another historic barn, but if not, make furniture or paneling or using for a hundred other things, so that at least the materials are conserved and do not become waste, but rather new products.

There are two of these tobacco barns. Donated by American Honda Motor Company to the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation. Urbanminers is dismantling them and selling the materials for the Ct. Trust. Siding and most framing will be saved. All eight barn doors. 
Siding and framing samples available at our location in New Haven. 
See press release for this project here:

We are engaged in deconstructing a garage into "panels" and then re-constructing them back into the same garage, as the series of photos below demonstrate. 

Barn - we will also be partially deconstructing this barn into large sections. It will be moved about 500 yards and then put back together. Instead of demolition, most of the materials will be saved. If this were demolished there would be a cost for machine time and a dumpster. Plus the materials for the new barn would have to be purchased. When you add those two costs together, the disassembly costs less.  And instead of creating a lot of waste, we create more jobs.

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