February 27, 2019
Prolonged Field Care, New CTO, Simulation
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Prolonged Field Care Contract
IVIR Inc., along with its partners VCOM3D and Seventh Dimension, were awarded a $2M contract by the US Department of Defense to make recommendations for changes to current medic and corpsman training and to develop two prototype medical simulators. 
Welcome - New CTO
We are pleased to welcome Bill Lewandowski to our team as our Chief Technology Officer. In this role, he will e xecute IVIR’s strategy for technology research and guide IVIR in system and software architecture. Bill has worked for the last 21 years in software engineering primarily focused on modeling and simulation in Aviation and DoD as a senior developer or chief architect. 
What an Event
IVIR's medical simulation team attended IMSH and included Dee Kuenzig, Program Manager, Catherine Strayhorn, CEO and President, Bill Lewandowski, CTO, Joyce Lewandowski, Investor, and Bill Lewandowski, Chair, Board of Directors and COO.
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