Please purchase tickets NOW to guarantee a spot.
ATTENTION: The deadline for tickets has been moved up to June 1st, as we have to let the venue know how many guests are attending.
Thank you for cooperation in helping to make this night happen!
Jr/Sr Prom
Friday, June 19th
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Includes Dinner and a scenic views of Red Mountain
Purchase Tickets by June 1st
By purchasing a ticket all participants are agreeing to follow the health and safety guidelines

Red Mountain Ranch Country Club
6425 E Teton Cir
Mesa, AZ 85215
ADE Guidelines : We will hold prom according to the current ADE guidelines at the time Prom is held. We will send an update the week of the event.

Currently the guidelines are:
  • A maximum of 10 people may be seated at a table (no moving chairs).
  • Maximum of 10 people on the dance floor at at time.
  • Students must wear masks when on the dance floor (students may bring their own, but we will also have some available).  
  • Dinner will be plated, rather than buffet-style.

If guidelines are lifted or loosened, we will follow suit. By purchasing a ticket all participants are agreeing to follow the guidelines.

Guest Policy: We feel very fortunate to be able to hold a prom for our students. In light of the fact that this will be the first social event for our students since quarentine, we want to take care to provide a safe place for our juniors and seniors to come together to celebrate. For this reason, we are limiting outside guests to former Cicero students, in good standing. Please download the guest form and email to Ms. Perez.
Due June 15th
The evening is an occasion for dancing, socializing, and celebration. Attire should be elegant, tasteful, and befitting this special evening, in keeping with the standards of modesty outlined in the Family Handbook (also listed below). Please remember that this is a dance, so attire must allow for movement. All students in attendance are expected to honor the intended spirit of the dress code. Students who arrive at the dance inappropriately dressed will not be permitted to enter until it is corrected.

Formal Events Dress Code 
The formal dress code for boys: 
Jacket and tie (no jeans or patched pocket pants)
A collared dress shirt, dark socks, D
Dress shoes (no sneakers or sandals)
No dyed hair or hats. Hair should be trimmed appropriately

The formal dress code for girls: 
Long skirt, gown or appropriately fitting dress slacks (no jeans); 
Bare midriffs or thigh-high slits are not acceptable. 
Modestly-cut sleeveless tops/dresses are allowed. 
Halter tops, strapless, spaghetti-strap and tank-style top dresses are acceptable if they provide full coverage for the bust area. 
Dress-backs should go no lower than the natural waistline (if there was an imaginary line from the belly button around, this would be the natural waistline)
Girls should wear dress shoes. No flip-flops. 
No dyed hair

This event is a celebration, and the aim is for everyone involved to have a fun and enjoyable time. 
Of course, all Cicero Prep students are expected, as always, to conduct themselves with dignity, modesty, and grace. Students are asked to refrain from inappropriate displays of affection (including kissing, intimate dancing, or any intimate physical contact). Additionally, the following will not be tolerated and are grounds for immediate disciplinary action, including dismissal from the dance:

Possession or use of alcohol, tobacco, or any other illicit substance
Failure to follow chaperone instructions
Violation of attendance protocol, dress code, or basic etiquette
We look forward to sharing this joyful occasion with you, and we thank you for your cooperation in making it a success.

Please any questions to our academy’s dean of students: Ms. Perez ,