I bring you greetings in Jesus' Name. 

We have a couple of exciting things to share with you. I pray that this month's newsletter will bring joy to your hearts in the same way that it has blessed me. During our nationwide downtime, we felt led to develop our website to give you all the latest information and provide an excellent platform for many more to hear about the beautiful work God is doing through Promise Child. 

Please take a few minutes to visit our new website, check out all the new tabs, watch the most recent YouTube videos just launched, and find the latest information on all of our projects and partnerships around the globe. 

We are so excited about this website and pray it makes you feel more connected. It will also give you all a great way to share the work of Promise Child with others. So give it a look, send it to a friend, or post on social media so that many more children can be reached with the only real message of hope - Jesus Christ. 
We are also thrilled to announce that we have begun food relief programs in many of our Promise Child areas around the world. As you know, this COVID19 pandemic is affecting the global economy. Because of your support, we are blessed to be in a position to provide food packages for those who are most vulnerable; the elderly, widows, and children. 

We know that this financial crisis has devastated America as well - we are praying for all of you now. We pray that you will fight through with us as we continue to care for Promise Children around the world. As a sweet reminder of the impact you're having for Christ in the world, we have attached the faces of all of the Promise Children in our program. 

We know this is a financially difficult time for many, as we have even seen quite a few sponsors suspend their support of children at this time, so we need your help! Please send our website link to whoever you think may be able to care for the world's most vulnerable and hurting children and families worldwide!

Until the last one hears,

Pastor Brent Kaser
Unfortunately, poverty-stricken neighborhoods across the globe and right here in America are affected immensely by the global health crisis. Many children do not have access to education, domestic violence is skyrocketing, families are going hungry, and there is even an increase in those choosing to take their own lives. 

We are partnering with Pastor Jose Hernandez from Hope Central Watts Calvary Chapel in Los Angeles to reach hungry families with spiritual and physical nourishment due to our Promise Child America Fund and our generous sponsors.

Through local donations and help from the LAPD, Pastor Jose has provided a weekly care package of beans, rice, eggs, bread, toilet paper, and Gospel tracts to 50 of the most vulnerable families in Hope Central Watts. 

The Lord placed it on Pastor Jose's heart to somehow double the weekly impact on the community and reach 100 families, and God has allowed us to help fulfill that desire. For the next three months, Promise Child will be sending the necessary support for Pastor Jose to reach 100 families in need living in the Watts/LA projects every week.
With the help of our in-country ministry workers and our generous donors, we had the honor of being able to provide simple meal packages to 300 families devastated by the global crisis in South Asia. 

Once the government took lock-down measures in South Asia, many communities were gravely impacted and faced the realities of more food shortages than usual. Before the global pandemic, this country in South Asia was home to 25% of the world's hungriest people... and we can only begin to imagine the sad growth that will soon add to this staggering statistic. 
We are excited to announce that we will be mirroring this program in multiple areas of Asia, Uganda, and Africa. Emergency response like this is only made possible through people like you who donate to our Most Needed Fund. Please pray about helping us stay prepared in and out of season for however the Lord can use us to bring help around the globe.
As you know, Uganda is among the nations devastated by the global health crisis. But unlike most countries, Uganda is also suffering from a plague of crop eating locusts threatening survival. Because of this, food prices have unreasonably skyrocketed causing many to experience famine.

Thankfully, we were able to mobilize large purchases of beans, cassava flour, salt, and soap for 225 children and their families in Midigo, Uganda. Working with local officials, we were able to arrange a distribution through Calvary Chapel Midigo providing much needed food to these families.
Monica's parents are a part of the Taus tribe. They live in a village outside the compound where Monica lives and attends school. Monica knows Jesus and believes that He is her father. One of her favorite things about the compound is time spent in prayer. For fun, she enjoys playing baseball. Monica helps out on the compound by washing dishes and carrying water. Math is her favorite subject and she hopes to be a nurse when she grows up.

Monica is most thankful to Jesus for allowing her to go to school. She requests prayer for her parents to remain healthy and to come to know Jesus. Please also pray that Monica will do well in school and continue with her education. Your support will provide her with school fees, a uniform, food, and medicine.

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