It is a great blessing to see the transformed lives of those who were being pressed down by war that caused the loss of family members. Their lives had become one of pain, tears, bitterness and no hope. Many had lost the will to live.

Now, through God's Word and your gifts, they are experiencing comfort, joy, and meaning of life. Despite the difficulties in the BidiBidi refugee camp, many souls are crying for the Word of God as their refuge.

We are so grateful for your support and our partnership with Faith Comes by Hearing to bring this very powerful tool of healing. Below are a few of the testimonies of healing and hope brought by God's Word and your gifts. We will be highlighting more of their stories in the months to come.

Until the last one hears,

Pastor Brent Kaser
Mrs. Unith Bulla
Unith Bulla is 55years old. She arrived at the camp in September of 2016. She lost three of her sons and many relatives through gun shot and slaughter during the war. Unith was so traumatized when she first arrived at the camp and her heart was full of bitterness.

But she thanked God for having given her the Proclaimer as a gift. As she listened to God's Word, she started to receive healing, and was able to forgive in her heart those who murdered her people.

Now she is encouraging all who have been hurt like her to forgive and allow God to work in their lives. Unith is the leader for a listening group of 23 people at Camp Yoyo in BidiBidi.
Mr. Richard Kokole
Richard is 42 years old. When he came to Camp BidiBidi, he was very angry at the South Sudan Government because the war took away people's lives, good schools and food for his children, money, and peace.
Richard had vowed to join the rebel groups as revenge on behalf of his relatives who lost their lives. He lost six brothers who were ambushed and shot in their homes by government soldiers. Richard said that his life had become hopeless.

When he received a Proclaimer and started listening to the Word of God, Richard decided to receive Christ in his life and is now a listening group leader of 15 people! He is so happy with the Proclaimer and is testifying of the changes that God has done in his life, his group members, and his family.
Operation Mourning to Gladness -
Your Gifts are Saving Lives
Some of the greatest needs in Camp BidiBidi are caring for pregnant women, newborn babies, and nursing mothers. Many of these women have lost their husbands to the ravages of war.

Previously, many pregnant women and nursing mothers could not get enough food and other basic needs which led to many births of underweight babies and the development of early childhood malnutrition. Since the beginning of the support to this vulnerable group of people, there has been improved health among the women and reduced childhood malnutrition. To date, 450 women have benefited from this service!

The supplies provided include cassava flour mixed with cereal flour, rice, cooking oil, iodized salt, sugar, tea leaves and other supplies such as clothing, towels, basins, Vaseline, washing and bathing soap.

Pastor Bosco sharing the Gospel with some of the new mothers - 10 women accepted Jesus as their Savior!
More Children to Love!
Dimple and her family lived a very hard life in Nepal with only grain and wild roots from the jungle as their source of food. She had never been to school and was very malnourished. Most of the girls in her community are taken to India for child labor and trafficking. When Dimple was brought to the Hetauda children's home, she could not understand or speak the Nepalese language, but now that she is in a loving environment, she is learning to read and write! The other children living at the home are happy to call Dimple their little sister. Please pray that Dimple will do well in her studies so she can achieve her dream of becoming a nurse one day. Your support will provide school fees, food, clothing, and medicine for Dimple.

We have exciting news, Promise Child was featured on John Ankerberg's show focusing on God's working the Bidi Bidi Refugee Camp in Northern Uganda and our partnership with Faith Comes By Hearing!! This episode is titled: God’s Word to the World - Series 4 - Part 3. Please take a few minutes to watch this powerful video and hear some wonderful updates from the field.

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