I hope this finds you well. From the unborn, to the youth, to high school students, to a Promise Child success story, to an elderly woman in Camp Bidi Bidi, your support has brought hope and help to every generation as well as future generations.

It is stories like these that remind us of God's amazing provision. Thank you so much for your love, prayers, and support.

Until the last one hears,

Pastor Brent Kaser
Promise Child America
Helping Families in Crisis

We have been honored to partner with an organization here in Idaho to help women with unplanned pregnancies make good decisions. Because of your gifts to Promise Child America, we have been able to help them purchase new ultrasound equipment and miscellaneous baby needs. We look forward to helping this organization with a future project called Safe Families for Children. This is an alternative to long-term foster care that works with church groups to provide a safe haven for families in crisis.

We just learned of another organization that helps victims of trafficking as well as moms and their children who have come out of abusive relationships. Your support will help us meet emergency needs such as clothing for the affected children. We may also get the opportunity to help remodel an existing facility to provide a safe place for children while their moms come to receive much needed encouragement and counseling.
Fishing Derby

Not even the rain could stop this little boy from smiling after catching this prize fish! We partnered with Calvary Chapel North Grove who partners with Fishers of Men West Coast to give underprivileged children a day of fishing and just being a kid.

Fishers of Men West Coast is a fellowship of men and women who share their experiences, strength, and faith in God through their shared love of fishing. They are dedicated to the idea of spending quality time together while fishing and serving others.

Promise Child helped make this day possible by providing food, drinks, and Bible tracts for the children.
The Whosoevers "Kill the Noise" High School Tour
Students today face many more distractions and problems than ever before. Drug abuse, depression, broken families, self-harm and suicide are just a few of the issues they have to overcome. The “Kill the Noise” school tour reaches out to them with a message of hope. This is a free event provided to the schools; which includes a speaker with an inspiring message of the gospel, product giveaways and free food.

Your donations to Promise Child America funded the costs for three outreaches to different high schools in Orange County.
New believers in Jesus Christ! Please pray that these students
will help bring revival to our youth.
This is Why We Do What We Do!

Sandeepa became a Promise Child from India as a 4th grader. Over the years, she has graduated from high school and completed a computer course in college through the faithful support of her sponsors. Now, she has come full circle and is teaching computer classes to young Promise Children.

More importantly, Sandeepa is now sharing her love of God's Word
with children in her own village!
Janay, our missionary in Uganda, is helping with Promise Child updates by interviewing children. She did 22 interviews one day and 4 high school students prayed to receive the Lord! Please pray for the Holy Spirit's continued work in their lives.
From Mourning to Gladness
Jerisa is a widow from South Sudan living in the Camp Bidi Bidi Refugee Camp. Her son was brutally murdered during the war and she fled with one of her daughters. Jerisa is suffering from the effects of a stroke and cannot walk. She and her daughter were living in a house that had a large hole in the roof where the wind had ripped the metal sheets off. She was sleeping on a papyrus mat on the floor of her small house where she and her daughter were exposed to the elements.
Operation Mourning to Gladness was able to fund a new roof, bed, mattress and linens, mosquito net, and a special latrine that Jerisa can access with her wheelchair.
Jerisa rejoices to see that God has not forgotten her and is taking care of her needs.
She said, "I'm alive because of you people. I would have died if you didn't fix my house."
More Children to Love!
Bina lives at the newly established Hetauda Home. She is from the Chepang tribe which is the most marginalized and poorest tribe in the country. When Bina came to the Home, she was suffering from malnutrition and neglect. Her family had not given her much care because she couldn't do hard work for them like a son could.

At first, Bina was scared and difficult to communicate with, but after just a few weeks, she is enjoying her new family and said her favorite things about her new home are not sleeping hungry, going to school, and playing with her "sisters".

We have exciting news, Promise Child was featured on John Ankerberg's show focusing on God's working the Bidi Bidi Refugee Camp in Northern Uganda and our partnership with Faith Comes By Hearing!! This episode is titled: God’s Word to the World - Series 4 - Part 3. Please take a few minutes to watch this powerful video and hear some wonderful updates from the field.

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