I pray you are remaining steadfast in hope, knowing that Christ is more than enough!

It's been the greatest joy this season of life to watch God showcase His glory worldwide while many of us feel helpless. Seeing God care for His children and seek the lost during our global turmoil has reminded me just how mighty He truly is. The truth is this, Jesus does not need us for His service or revelation, but because of His deep love for us, He chooses to use mankind to reach mankind. It's a remarkable and humbling realization that God's grace is still sufficient during any season of our lives, and He can use any of us for His glory.

As you read these beautiful updates from Asia and Africa, I pray that you are stirred to let God use your talents, gifts, weaknesses, finances, and prayers to reach those who have not heard of Jesus yet! Join us as a partner for the Gospel today!

Until the last one hears,

Pastor Brent Kaser
This country of Asia has a society built on karma and caste Systems, which means there are different rankings of peoples' values and assumptions about who they were in a "past life." For example, if a person is poor or is suffering from a chronic disease, they believe that must be from bad karma. 

Unfortunately, a few groups of people aren't even considered valuable enough to be in the lowest possible caste.... these are called the untouchables or the Dalits (sounds like "deletes"). 

Thankfully, our Promise Child Ministry workers in Asia have been able to reach out to these communities, including those who are HIV/AIDS positive, people with a history of drug abuse, and those born with disabilities. Below are some pictures from Asia where these types of "forgotten" people received food, necessities, and a message of hope found in Jesus Christ. They were told that these provisions were from the Lord and that no matter who they are or what they have done, Jesus wants to accept them as His children.
Praise God that during this challenging pandemic time in Uganda, our precious women in the Promise of Hope House are doing very well. As this group of girls near graduation, they are practicing their life skills as hairdressers to provide for themselves in the world! 

Beyond learning how to start their own business, these girls have continued steadfastly in their study of the Word of God... they have become true disciples of Jesus, and we could not be more proud! 

Due to COVID19, all of their usual visitors and local missionaries were not able to pour into the women. Still, our Senior Pastor's wife, Medline, and our group home leader, Scovia, have been diligent in filling in the gaps! 
Since much of Asia is still on lock down and the region where our Asia Children's Home is located has closed schools, our ministry workers have had to become creative with their at-home learning.

Our group home parents have done an excellent job of adapting to the circumstances they face and continuing the children's education at home. They spend time gardening, cooking, studying from God's Word, praying, and having worship as a family.

All the children enjoy the classes at home and are learning new life skills, but we do pray that schools reopen soon so they will receive the academic help they need to continue to advance in grades. 
As you may have read above, Scovia is one of our graduates from the Promise of Hope House. She not only has an incredible story of redemption, but also continues to serve the Lord today as she leads many other young women through this anti-trafficking discipleship home!

She lives with the students, takes them through discipleship material, and often takes them to serve in the South Sudanese Refugee Camp. Please take some time to watch her testimony and pray for Scovia as she continues to lead in these trying pandemic times.
Brenda lives with her mom and twin sister in a mud house. The sisters sleep on an old mattress. Brenda's dad rarely stays home, and her mother works as a peasant farmer to provide food for her girls. Brenda attends a government school and has excellent performance. She is a believer, and her favorite Bible story is the birth of Jesus. Even though Brenda's parents are not believers, they allow her to attend church at Calvary Chapel Soroti.

Please pray for wisdom in school and for God's provision. 
Pray that her parents will open their hearts to the Gospel and that her father will take responsibility for his family. Your support will provide school fees, a uniform, school supplies, and food for Brenda.
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