I hope this finds you well. We hope you are blessed by the amazing testimonies of God's faithfulness this month.

Thank you so much for your very faithful prayers, love and support of Promise Child!

Until the last one years,

Pastor Brent Kaser
Sharon Noel

I just wanted to see her smile...

Many of you know that we have been working in Camp Bidi Bidi, one of the world's largest refugee camps. In December, as we toured through the camp, Sharon Noel was brought to us as a very sad little girl. Sharon was born in South Sudan with no hands and no feet. She has lived her life being ridiculed, teased, and outcast. Locals believe that she is cursed. 

In 2016, Rebels killed her father during the war in South Sudan, Sharon's mother had to flee with her five children. Shortly after arriving, Sharon's uncle came to pick up the children but rejected Sharon saying she was worthless. The uncle took the four healthy children and left Sharon behind. Her dejected mother, after losing her husband and four children, lost all hope and no longer wanted to care for Sharon as she had become a burden. This was when Pastor Bosco and our Promise Child ministry team went into action. 

I was personally privileged to meet Sharon and her mother in December. We assured the family and Sharon of God's love and expressed to Sharon that she was perfectly formed and created in her mother's womb. We were able to give the family a Proclaimer (audio Bible) in their heart language and assured them that if they listen to God's Word, they would be built up and encouraged. We told Sharon that there is a special school with other little children just like her that we would like to send her to. While I was with Sharon, I had this longing in my heart to see her smile just once, but it never happened.

I received news this past week that Sharon has been accepted into the program, and then I received the most incredible pictures. Sharon at her new school... and a great big smile! She now has hope for the future; she will know that she is loved, valued, and can be used by God. I would be lying if I said I didn't shed any tears. 

Sharon's mother expressed to us that she has a newfound love for her daughter and realizes that Sharon is a gift from God and part of his creation. It will take a little more than the regular single child sponsorship to support Sharon in her new school. We would love to invite you to help her monthly by clicking the link below.

Sharon desperately wanted to be like the other children who were able to play,
help with chores, and go to school. Now, through your gifts and support,
her new school is fitted to her individual needs, she will receive uniforms, a
wheelchair for the rainy season, knee guards, and artificial arms.
Thank you for helping us bring out this beautiful smile!
Please click on the link below if you would like to help
Sharon or another child in need.
South Sudan -
"Can't Stop Singing!"
Children's voices raised in worship are heard by the neighbors in our children's homes in South Sudan. Every morning and evening, the older teens lead the 60 plus younger children in worship, communal prayer and Bible reading. It is truly beautiful to hear these kids pray for their communities, unsaved relatives, and for their Promise Child sponsors.

Our national leadership in South Sudan continue to disciple and pour God's Word into the Promise Children and they are making an incredible impact in their communities. The mayor told our missionaries, "Tell your children to never stop singing. The sound of their voices is the only thing that brings hope to this community!"
South Asia -
Life at School Gets a Little Easier
After a recent mission trip to South Asia, it became evident that the Promise Children in our two schools and the hostels were in need of many things; from small items such as kitchen utensils to large projects like making the stairs safe for the children. Thank you for your very generous donations that go a long way towards giving these children everything they need to get the best education possible.
The new oven had to be carried/pulled/drug up a steep hill to get to the school
Grateful for their new school books, desks, chairs, and lockers
New chairs for the students
Making the stairs safe to climb
at school
Soroti, Uganda
Equipping New Pastors
We are thrilled to announce that we have 15 recent graduates from the School of Ministry in Soroti, Uganda. Your financial support has made it possible for us to equip these potential pastors and church leaders.
After just three years of training, there are six new church plants in very remote, hard-to-reach villages teaching the Word of God!

Promise Child is committed to furthering the Gospel by making disciples and planting churches.

Currently, we have a new class of 18 students coming from Uganda and South Sudan.
We have exciting news, Promise Child was featured on John Ankerberg's show focusing on God's working in the Bidi Bidi Refugee Camp in Northern Uganda and our partnership with Faith Comes By Hearing!! This episode is titled: God’s Word to the World - Series 4 - Part 3. Please take a few minutes to watch this powerful video and hear some wonderful updates from the field.

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