I pray you are finding your strength and peace in Christ during the tough time our world is facing.

I also pray that these newsletters bring you joy and remind you that God is still in the business of giving hope to the hopeless (Romans 5:5). We are blessed to share with you stories from around the world of God's provision, and even within our own leadership as we have added a new Promise Child Team Member!

Please take your time looking through these wonderful stories and reading about the exciting changes coming to Promise Child! Thank you for your partnership and prayers.

Until the last one hears,

Pastor Brent Kaser
Joseline is a young woman with five children. During the COVID 19 total lockdown on schools in Uganda, her husband left her for another woman. Joseline and her five children were living at the school housing quarters, but the administration has asked her to leave so they can rent out space while schools are not in session. With nowhere to turn and being overwhelmed by the humiliation she is suffering from her community, they have temporarily been staying at a local church praying that God would rescue them.

A member from a neighboring church, who has been blessed through Promise Child's feeding program, learned of Joseline's dire situation and told her about God working through Promise Child. Joseline opened up about the emotional pain she is suffering and how she contemplated committing suicide three times. Praise God; we were able to send some food relief for Joseline and her five children, letting her know that indeed Jesus has come to her rescue. Also, our local ministry workers helped her start a small business of selling silver fish (a standard protein meal for most families in Uganda). 
Each year, the Life Choices Pregnancy Center in Idaho has a fundraiser called the Baby Bottle Boomerang. It starts on Mother's Day and ends on Father's Day. Churches hand out baby bottles and collect them when they are filled with change, cash, or checks. The funds are used to help the pregnancy center offer free services to women who are faced with unplanned pregnancies. 

Traditionally, this is the biggest fundraiser of the year, but due to COVID, the bottles weren't allowed to be distributed to churches until the local lockdown was lifted. Thanks to your donations to Promise Child America, we were able to bless the center with a gift toward this very important cause. 
We are excited to announce that Talia Jankowski, who has been volunteering for Promise Child for many years, has joined our team as our first-ever International Program Coordinator!

This role encompasses a variety of objectives with the primary goal of growing partnerships and increasing Promise Child's effectiveness in our global endeavors. Because we ensure 100% of your donated money goes to the designated project or child, Talia joins us as an independently funded partner who is financially supported through means not pulled from the ministry. 

If you'd like to help us expand and deepen our impact on the Kingdom of Christ, please consider becoming a partner with Talia. Learn more about her and her role in Promise Child by clicking on the learn more link below. 
We have received news that while our Promise Child families in various nations are on lock-down, our Proclaimer listening groups are thriving. Families are coming together to listen to God's Word in audio format; it has become the church for them when they cannot gather in large groups for fellowship.

Please take a minute to listen to these powerful testimonies from Uganda, Africa, about God's Word in audio format (Proclaimers) provided through our partnership with Faith Comes By Hearing. 
Brenda lives with her father and two sisters. Her parents separated, and her father remarried, but both marriages failed. Brenda's father has a small business that cannot sustain an education for his three children. He is usually not available to care for his girls, and they have to fend for themselves. Brenda loves going to church even though she has to walk three miles to get there and back.

Your support will provide school fees, a uniform, food, and school supplies for Brenda. It will also provide an opportunity for our workers to minister to her father. Please pray for Brenda's father to open his heart to the gospel and be a better caregiver for his daughters.
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