I hope and pray this newsletter finds you well.

To all of you who prayed over and participated in our Christmas Catalog, we cannot thank you enough. Please enjoy reading about some of the lives that have been changed by your generous gifts!

Also, thanks be to God, more children are being enrolled in our Promise Child program! Because of this, we need your help to sponsor every one of these sweet souls. There are many children still without sponsors, so please pray about who you may tell about Promise Child and all the things Christ is doing around the world in the lives of many children!

Finally, I hope you are blessed to read the update on our Little Wings program and the wonderful growth of these young girls.

Until the last one hears,

Pastor Brent Kaser
The Christmas Catalog -
Your Gifts Change Lives
Hatima had been walking long distances to school for 5 years. At the news of a bicycle, her mother knelt down and appreciated God and Promise Child for meeting this extra need for her child. Hatima has been a hard working child and performing well in class.
The gift of livestock provides much needed income that the older Promise Children need to pay their increased school fees.
Words are not enough to explain how much the word of God has changed the life of children and teachers in the school. The need for discipline has been greatly reduced and children have learned to pray for each other’s needs. They are closely following Bible verses and even parents are giving testimonies of how their children's behaviors have changed.

All of this has happened because the word of God has been made available to the children and their teachers through your gifts of Bibles and Proclaimers. We are so grateful for your gifts that are transforming the lives of children and their families.
The Gift of Food -
Giving Thanks for Meat!
The gift of food is especially precious right now because of climates that cannot support agriculture. These children were so grateful to not only receive food, but they were beyond blessed and excited to see meat on their plates!
Grandma Obaru's family is praising God for His provision for food through Promise Child and your donations. Since Grandma's passing, her family has faced many difficulties, but this provision has refreshed their souls and brought them great joy. Thank you for help making this act of kindness possible!
Promise Child Highlight!
Little Wings - Now Mobile at Home
Joy and happiness filled the life of the Little Wings and their family at the sight of their new wheel chairs. Even the neighbors and community leaders came around to witness God’s gift. Many appreciated Promise Child and Calvary Ministry for bringing hope to those who had lost hope in life.These three children now have their own wheel chairs at home for use when they return for holidays thanks to your gifts.

These little girls are healthy and their physical development has shown great changes. They are excelling in their studies and showing leadership qualities at school. Let’s keep them in our prayers for good health, spiritual impact on other children, and continued understanding of subjects taught at school.
More Children to Love!
Sreejana is from a remote village called Dhading that is notorious for trafficking young girls. She lost her father at a young age and her mother could no longer take care of her because of a mental disorder. Sreejana had to go live with her relatives who did not care for her and took advantage of her situation. Some other relatives were worried about her but they were poor and barely able to provide for their own children. The church pastor brought Sreejana to the Hetauda Children's Home where she is cared for and encouraged to have faith in a God who loves her. Please pray for Sreejana to accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior as she learns about God's love. Pray that she will be able to catch up on her studies and be in the right grade for her age. Your support will provide school fees, food, clothing, and medicine for Sreejana.

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