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Pastor Brent Kaser
God laid it on our hearts awhile back to start a feeding program in Uganda and the other countries in which we work. Of course, a temporary supply of food is only a band aid, but it has proved to open unique doors for our local ministry workers! Over the past few months, we have received outstanding accounts of families being moved by God's love and giving their lives to Christ! 
Fred is one of our ministry workers that reaches the South Sudanese Refugee Camp of Bidi Bidi and a local Ugandan community. His most recent report to us says that during this challenging season, 43 people in the Ugandan community and 62 people in the Refugee Settlement have given their lives to Christ during the distributions of food relief! Amid hopeless situations, the people of Uganda are receiving the hope of Jesus Christ! 
Because of your donations to Promise Child America, this baby's mom who was homeless and pregnant, came to the pregnancy center that Promise Child supports in a desperate situation. After counseling and mentoring, this mom chose life, found a home, and accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior!

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of families in crisis. Because of your generosity, clients at Life Choices Pregnancy Center in Idaho who face unplanned pregnancy, miscarriage, and post abortion grief, find the support needed to choose life and hope.
Every year, a new greenhouse is built for one of our Promise Child families in South Asia. These greenhouses have proved to be incredibly necessary during this time when food and fresh vegetable prices have skyrocketed. Families are able to provide for themselves and even earn a small income selling the vegetables for a fair price to their neighbors.  

Also, one of the villages now has a new toilet! I know it may not seem like a big deal, but in South Asia, a clean restroom facility is invaluable and helps save lives. Each year we can build three toilets for various villages thanks to generous donors like yourself. 

Praise the Lord, our Promise Child staff and teachers in South Asia have weekly visited each child and their family during this time. Our ministry staff has been able to bring meals, prayers, and Bible studies to these Promise Children that don't live in our group home and their families.
Did you know our children in South Sudan have learned to plant and harvest their own food? Getting a well drilled and having access to water has completely transformed life at our children’s home. We love watching the older kids teach the younger how to garden.
This is the story of Alfonse Lowi. In South Sudan, we partner closely with Ends of the Earth Ministries to be able to properly care for these students in great need and danger due to ongoing civil war. Though Promise Child sponsorship, South Sudanese children are given hope for the future and hope for eternity!
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Promise Child 
Location: Sagle, ID | Year Founded: 2007
Mission: To bring hope to children through a saving relationship with Jesus by first meeting basic individual needs such as food, clothing, shelter, & education.
Mercy's performance in school is above average and she is a candidate to enter the 7th grade this year. Unfortunately, Mercy suffers from ulcers and misses many school days from illness. Mercy lives with her single mom and four siblings. Her mom and dad separated six years ago leaving Mercy's mom with the responsibility of providing for her five children.
The family lives in a small rental which hardly accommodates the entire family and the mom shares one bed with three of her children. Your support will provide school fees, school supplies, food and much needed medicine.
Mercy and her family are all believers and they attend Calvary Chapel Soroti in Uganda. Mercy loves attending church and leading worship in Sunday School. Her favorite Bible verse is Matthew 5:16.
Please pray that Mercy will be healed from ulcers and for wisdom in school.
Promise Child Ministries
PO Box 368
Sagle, ID 83860