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July 2014
Protect your skin from the sun!

The basics:
Over time, taking in the sun without any protection can lead to problems- from dry skin and wrinkles to skin cancer. Use these tips to enjoy your time in the sun, safely.
Cover up.
Clothing and hats are good basic protection from the sun.
The sun's rays are strongest between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.
During these hours, try to limit your time in the sun.
Sunscreen is an excellent protector.
But you must put it on correctly. Work from your face down to your feet. Don't forget your ears and neck, or to let someone else get your back and shoulders. Also, if you go swimming, put more on every 1 to 2 hours.
Common skin cancers:
- Basal cell carcinomas: 80 percent of all skin cancers
- Squamous cell carcinomas: 16 percent of all skin cancers
- Malignant melanomas: 4 percent of all skin cancers
Promise receives a $2500 grant from Better Health for Iowans Family Foundation!

Promise Community Health Center will utilize funds from a recent Grant award from Better Health for Iowans Foundation to reach children and families in need of preventive services at an August 13 Back-to-School Block Party. Better Health for Iowans Family Foundation has limited funds ($25,000.00 annually); therefore funding is targeted to provide preventive care to low income families and children.

By partnering with Head Start, Early Head Start, Mid-Sioux Opportunity, Area Pre-schools, Public and Private schools, Promise will inform families of the availability of FREE dental screening, affordable physicals and assistance with eligibility determination and enrollment in hawk-I, Medicaid and the Health Insurance marketplace.

The Back-to-School Block Party will feature dental screenings, school and sports physicals, immunizations, and fun-filled activities including book BINGO, inflatables, face painting and treats.  All participants will receive a back-pack with school essentials, basic hygiene products, tooth brush and dental floss.

"This is the 5th year for the Back-to School screening event at Promise" according to Executive Director Dykstra, "however, this is only the second time the event will feature an outdoor venue with fun activities for children and families.  Last year the Event, held in Children's Park drew was successful and families enjoyed the opportunity for children to have fun while learning about their child's health. We're excited to be able to offer the event again and thanks to the Better Health for Iowans Foundation, we're able to add the 'backpack reward to this year's event for all participants."   

Getting the Word Out
healthcare10.jpg     Injuries are a leading cause of disability for people of all ages- and they are the leading cause of death for Americans ages 1-44. The good news is everyone can get involved to help prevent injuries.

During National Safety Month, Promise is encouraging you to learn more about prescription drug abuse, distracted driving, and slips, trips, and falls.

 Prescription drug abuse:

Prescription painkiller overdoses are a growing problem in the United States, especially among women. About 18 women die every day from a prescription painkiller overdose-more than 4 times as many as back in 1999.

 Slips, trips, and falls:

One in 3 older adults falls each year. Many falls lead to broken bones and other health problems.

 Distracted driving:

Doing other activities while driving-like texting or eating-increases your change of crashing. Almost 1 in 5 crashes (18%) that injured someone involved distracted driving.


jumping_schoolkids.jpgWednesday, August 13
3:00-7:00 PM
School and Sport Physicals, Vaccinations, Dental Screenings, and lots of fun games, snacks and FUN! 
Gardening is GOODwheelbarrow-girl.jpg 
 Check out this great article on why gardening is great for your health!  
1. Stress Relief
"We live in a society where we're maxing ourselves out all the time in terms of paying attention," says Andrea Faber Taylor Ph.D. She also says, as the the rhythms of the natural environment and the repetitive, soothing nature of many gardening tasks are all sources of effortless attention.
2. Better Mental Health -
 Some researchers actually believe there is a harmless bacteria in the soil called Mycobacterium vaccae that increases the release and metabolism of serotonin in parts of the brain that control cognitive function and mood.
3. Exercise - 
Gardening gets you out in the fresh air and sunshine - and it also gets your blood moving. Digging, planting, weeding, and other repetitive tasts that require strength or stretching are excellent forms of low-impact exercise.
4. Brain Health
Some research suggests that the physical activity associated with gardening can help lower the risk of developing dementia. The sights, smells, and sounds of the garden are said to promote relaxation and reduce stress.
5. Nutrition
The food you grow yourself is the freshest food you can eat. Not surprisingly, several studies have shown that gardeners eat more fruits and vegetables than their peers. Studies show that kids who garden are more likely to eat fruits and vegetables.
 Mark's challenge is for YOU to pledge $$ for each mile he rides and he will contribute the $$ raised with your pledges to support the work of Promise in serving others who need health care services like Mark did!
Contact Kellie at Promise with your pledges: or call 722-1700
*There will be a daily post on our Facebook page to track Mark's progress. 
Wishing you a happy, healthy month of July!
Promise Community Health Center