Welcome to “Building Your Brand" - Ver. 1.02.

On our last DREAMSCAPE, we covered the key differences between Branding vs. Marketing and explored concepts related to Value.

Today we’ll dig deeper into the tangible elements of a Brand. This will help all aspects to sit together seamlessly as the brand builds its personality.

  • Tangible: Logos, typography, colors, slogans, jingles, and more.
  • Intangible: Narrative, positioning, emotion, value, loyalty, and more.
The Logo: When we think about branding, many of us immediately picture a symbol or logo design for our brands. Well, though an essential element, a logotype is only the beginning in providing recognition for a brand. From monograms to wordmarks, here are the most popular styles of logo symbols to include in your research. Learn more in today's webinar!

  • Monogram logos or lettermarks.
  • Wordmarks or font-based logotypes.
  • Pictorial marks or logo symbols.
  • Abstract logo marks.
  • Mascots.
  • The combination mark.
  • The emblem.

Typography: The Experience of Reading.

As you know, we’re fascinated with color and typography. When designing a brand for a client, we usually provide a set of questions that will enable us to gain insight of the inner aspects of a business personality so we can then match a design to the brand’s feelings, emotions, and associations.

For instance, the crimson red and gallant turquoise of our DREAMCATCHER are by no way a coincidence. Their hue, tint, tone, shade, saturation, and opacity techniques were carefully designed to blend a harmonic balance. More on color psychology in our April edition!

In terms of typography, the types of letters/fonts we chose were strategically selected for their weight and playful ornaments, infused with a contemporary yet vintage retro feel, giving the typographic part of the logo a distinct look.

Typography can give your branding a sense of Tradition, Stability, Elegance, Strength, or Friendliness. Gain some inspiration and start your journey!


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On our next DREAMSCAPE: Color Psychology and Intangible Aspects of Branding.