Tips to Help You Reach Your Target

Promotional Product Fail:

So you went out on your own and you got these terrible giveaway items that did not look anything like they did online.  The company will not take them back as they delivered exactly what you ordered.   So what do you do with them? We suggest you throw them away or donate them to a Third World Country. 

More than likely if you donate them locally they may not be used how you intended and it could potentially make you look bad. Especially, since they do not reflect well on your company. 

If your target market is high net-worth individuals and you have a promotional item, which cost you $0.75, make sure it is not used as an award at a charity event.  Also make sure the item is something, which reflects well on your company and not something that will show you are cheap and like to cut corners.  Sometimes nothing is better than going cheap!       


~ Allen Jernigan, CEO
My Marketing Department, Inc.
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