Vegan & Vegetarian Promo
notes by Chef Mavro

...Inspired by Oahu farms!

Baked Hawaii heart of palm, ogo tomato sauce vierge

Let’s talk veggies.

First I thought this was just a trend…but more & more of our guests were asking for vegetarian & vegan dishes…then they started to ask for full veggie menus…then for a multi course grand tasting menu!!!

Well this is more than a trend…this is a message.

Anyways Jeremy Shigekane & I are very happy, we love working on vegetables. Jeremy who is developing more relations with many Island “micro farmers” came up with astonishing Vegetarian and Vegan menus both for chef’s tasting menu and the four course.

Let me tell you if you ask for it you are going to get it & I are not going to be disappointed!

This is our Watermelon radish, eggplant misoyaki, black sesame emulsion, bay leaf dust! And you can check all our summer menus here:
From Kako’o oiwi in Kaneohe (in this pic) to Counter Culture, Lokoea, Ko, Sumida farms and many others...

We have always taken our staff to visit the farmers. Nothing can replace a direct contact with them and earth-grown produce from the soil & the direct sun of our beautiful Islands.

We listen to the stories - every single produce has a story. Not everything grows in Hawaii. Unlike with the original Hawaii Regional Cuisine chef association where we used to torture farmers with requests for specific items, now we go with what they have to offer & what grows the best each week in the Hawaiian terroir.
These beautiful products excite us...

It’s a challenge, we work on vegetables in a very spontaneous way.  Every morning we get to our door whatever our growers bring to us & we build the recipes!  These very beautiful products excite us & inspire us.

When the dish is ready we get together in the kitchen with our manager Steve Mar in charge of the wines to taste each dish with some choices. Looking for the “Wow” food & wine flavor combination and finding it for you.  
A welcome toast now included for everyone. Champagne or a non-alcoholic cocktail!

Now everyone has the complete experience of Chef Mavro restaurant: 

Which is a welcome toast with Copinet champagne plus a canapé, an amuse bouche, a pre-dessert & our selection of after dinner mignardises.

And these extra courses with all our menus…summer 4 course & grand tasting and vegan and vegetarian…  

Add “Veggies” to your reservation, choose one of our Vegan or Vegetarian menus, and receive a $20 gift discount.
And the cherry on the cake is not only the exceptional Valrhona chocolate crémeux fresh cherry (sorry I couldn’t help) & roselle from our pastry chef Beverly Luk…

The cherry on the cake is if you order any vegetarian or vegan menu now through the end of August 2019 you will get a $20.00 gift discount for each menu you order.

The secret code is VEGGIES when you make your reservation.

See…we don’t only cook fish!

Have a great endless summer!!! 

George Mavro, Jeremy Shigekane & all the staff at Chef Mavro  

misozuke tofu
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