SPooky Series!

8 classes for $75

classes expire 3 months from date of purchase
offer expires Sunday 11/2 at midnight
all sales FINAL, non-transferrable
limit 1 series per client
series good for all studio & press classes in Lynnfield and Burlington
not valid for poised & preggo or other special events and workshops

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Calling ALL Former 
6 Week to Chicers!!!


Last year with so much going on in my life like new jobs buying a home and getting engaged it was hard to maintain my weight. I finally hit my heaviest point and knew I needed to do something about it. My future mother-in-law had been telling me about Danielle's classes for about a year and I kept avoiding going with her. Finally, back in October I gave in and have been hooked ever since. Studio Poise, the amazing instructors, and the great members have given me the drive and support I needed to make a healthy lifestyle change. I make healthier choices in food and Studio Poise is part of my every day routine. Although I'm not yet at my goal I'm well on my way and feeling good about it!


"A year ago, I was ready to accept myself, even though I wasn't truly happy; now I know what it feels to really smile and feel myself *sparkle* with joy, knowing that I'm capable of changing and progressing." -Colleen 


"I started as a 6 Weeks to Chicer and that's when I got hooked.  It was definitely a challenge (and still is), but it was the exact kick start I needed to really change my lifestyle for the better." -Meg


"You will not regret it !!!!!!! It's work and commitment however we are all worth it !!!!!! You will be forever changed" -Sue


"I can't say enough about Studio Poise's 6 Weeks to Chic Program. I took one class with Danielle prior to signing up for the program and I was instantly hooked! I truly have never enjoyed working out until joining Studio Poise. I get excited to work out now! The 6 week program has brought me half way to my final goal in a very short time. This is the first summer in a long time that I can say I can't wait for bikini season!" -Ashley


The 6 Weeks to Chic Program was the kick start I really needed! I thought by going to the gym, lifting some weights and taking spin classes was my awesome "workout"...BOY was I wrong. Studio Poise classes are a mix of everything you really need to transform your body from top to bottom. Danielle and her team are such a great motivation, you will be INSTANTLY hooked on the classes --I can't get enough of them. Highly recommend the program for anyone who is looking to drop some inches, tone up, or be pushed to help reach their goal! The meal program is also a wonderful guide and reminds you about should and should not be consuming. It's a challenge but it's worth every moment! -Meg


"With the help of 6 Weeks to Chic, I was able to walk down the aisle on my wedding day with complete confidence. For years, I have struggled with my weight, constantly going up and down as the result of stress. It was hard to stay focused for any period of time longer than a month, until I joined Studio Poise. Thanks to the program, I was able to find my motivation and determination to become healthy again. I decided to join the 6 Weeks to Chic challenge to help me keep on track to reaching my ultimate goal - fitting into my wedding dress. This series was exactly what I needed to help keep me focused. With the challenge of completing 5 classes per week, following a meal plan, and having measurements taken at the beginning, half-way point, and end was a great motivator. In the end, not only did I fit into my wedding dress but I actually had to have multiple alterations done due to the inches I lost! If it wasn't for Danielle, I would have not been as confident as I was on my wedding day!" - Allison

"My takeaways are that the 6 Weeks to Chic program was a great kick-start to get me back into a fitness routine.  The Facebook group helped keep me on track and cheer on my fellow 6-Weekers!  Personally, the program helped me achieve my goal of getting fit enough to get pregnant." - Alyssa

"6 Weeks to Chic was definitely a great experience!  Of course, the sessions at Studio Poise are always challenging and fun, but the extra motivation provided by Danielle and the rest of the group was the best part!  The Facebook group was inspiring and helped to keep the shared goal in sight.  I lost inches, gained strength, and reshaped my body - and actually enjoyed every minute of the challenge!" - Michele

6 Weeks to Chic focused me on sustaining a fitness routine along with following a meal plan that produced real results in just six weeks. It also gave me the motivation to continue with the workouts after the six weeks was officially over and remain mindful of good eating habits, which I've taken with me. I encourage anyone who needs a jump start on their health and fitness routine, or a little structure to get them going, to try it out! The classes are challenging - you really are getting a great workout - but fun, and all done in a welcoming environment at Studio Poise." -Kristina 

One of the most exciting things about opening
Studio Poise was knowing that I was going to be able to help people live fit and healthy lifestyles.  I am a confessed yo-yo dieter who knows that eating healthy and sticking to a workout routine is not easy.  We could all use a little support, encouragement, structure, and motivation. Studio Poise, through all of our classes and FANTASTIC team of instructresses, is able to offer this to all of our clients - of all ages and fitness levels! 

#6W2C has been one of our most successful programs, helping sooo many of our clients to reach their health & fitness goals - now, it's time to put their strength to the test!!! 
-Valid for former 6W2C clients ONLY
-Register online, choose from:
  • unlimited member: $75
  • non-unlimited member with series: $100
  • non-unlimited member without series: $300 (includes 5 classes per week)
-Kick-off on 11/8 where we will measure, go over updated plan, and arrange teams (half way on 11/29; grand finale on 12/20)
-Your teams will be based on who was in YOUR season of 6W2C
-Weekly challenges including average inches lost across team members to earn points
-Most points at the end of the challenge, those team members win prizes in addition to 50% off one month unlimited OR 50% off a 10 or 20 class series package
-Program will be run exactly the same as 6W2C just with the added challenges, prizes, and grand prize ~ plus a little friendly competition!

What You Get:
  • 3 Meetings: 6 Week Kick-Off Meeting, Halfway There Meeting, Grand Finale & Results Meeting
  • 5 Classes per Week for 6 Weeks (as recommended by the program) that Fit Your Schedule!
  • Unlimited Fitness/Nutrition Counseling from Danielle (ISSA Certified Fitness Nutrition Counselor)
  • Support From Your Fellow 6 Week Teammates and some friendly competition among the other teams!
  • Group Forum via Facebook
  • 10% Discount on your Next 10 or 20 Class Series Purchase
  • A chance to WIN 50% off unlimited series or class series, PLUS other SParkly prizes!
  • ...new friends, "you" time, and a NEW You!

How To Register:
  1. Login to the Studio Poise Online Scheduler, and select the Online Store.      
  2. Click on contracts/packages
  4. After transaction is complete, click on the Adult Classes tab
  5. Reserve your spot in the meetings on 11/8, 11/29, and 12/20
  6. Questions? CONTACT ME!          

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