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The Beautiful Healing Properties Of Colloidal Silver. The Benefits For You And Your Pet Are Numerous!

What Is Colloidal Silver? 

Colloidal Silver is a liquid antibiotic, anti-viral and anti-fungal. It has been  touted as treating and preventing  an assortment of conditions in both humans and animals.  Colloidal Silver, as opposed to just plain silver, means that submicroscopic silver particles are suspended in a liquid base. Because the silver particles are so tiny, they're thought to penetrate cells and kill pathogens. 

Colloidal Silver is a non- irritating and non-toxic substance, making it an excellent multi-functional antiseptic that can be applied to vast areas of the body including the eyes, nose and mucous membranes. 

In fact, silver is such a proven potent antibacterial that NASA has chosen to incorporate silver into their water filtration and purification systems for the space shuttles because silver kills any bacteria present in the water and prevents it from growing in the future!

What Can I Use Colloidal Silver For?

Colloidal Silver uses for you and your pet...
  • Colloidal silver may be massaged into the gums several times daily or swished in the mouth for oral infections as it kills any bacteria present 
  • Colloidal silver can be placed in the ear to immediately relive pain from an ear infection and kill any yeast infection in the ear
  • Applied topically silver can kill yeast on the skin and help with itching. It can also be applied to Athletes Foot, Warts, Eczema,Open Sores, Rashes and Insect Bites. 
  • Placing several drops in the eyes will benefit conjunctivitis as well as other forms of infection or inflammation of the eyes, with no irritation or stinging 
  • When sprayed on the skin in cases of minor burns,the use of colloidal silver may hasten healing, and reduce the possibility of scar tissue and infection
  • Colloidal silver solutions can be taken orally for conditions such as parasites, candida, chronic fatigue, fungal infections, herpes, shingles, urinary tract infection, staphylococcus, streptococcus infections and over sixty viral and bacterial diseases
  • Water purification 
  • Colloidal silver can be used as a mist for respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia  

Why Should I Use Colloidal Silver Instead Of Antibiotics?

Data from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, shows a significant rise of resistance to multiple antibiotics in Klebsiella pneumoniae and E. coli in just the last four years alone, affecting more than one-third of the US. The primary cause for this man-made epidemic is the widespread misuse of antibiotics.

Between the years of 1993 and 2005, the number of Americans hospitalized due to the antibiotic-resistant "superbug" MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) skyrocketed from about 2,000 to 370,000.  Currently, MRSA and other antibiotic-resistant infections kill about 60,000 Americans annually, and accounts for billions of dollars in health care costs.  

Antibiotic-resistant disease is not the only danger associated with the misuse of these drugs. Excessive exposure to antibiotics also takes a heavy toll on your gastrointestinal health, which can predispose you and your pet to virtually any disease.

Abnormal gut flora may actually be a major contributing factor to the rise in a wide variety of diseases and ailments in both you are your pet, from bowel disorders and  allergies to autoimmune disorders.

Agricultural uses of antibiotics account for about 80 percent of all antibiotic use in the US, which makes up a MAJOR source of human antibiotic consumption. 

Animals are often fed antibiotics at low doses for disease prevention and growth promotion, and those antibiotics are transferred to you via meat, and even via the manure used as crop fertilizer.

Protecting your and your pet's gut health and reducing the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria are significant reasons for doing your best to only eat and feed grass-fed, organically-raised meats and animal products.

If you find that you are not able to avoid taking antibiotics, latest research shows that low doses of colloidal silver can make antibiotics up to 1,000 times more effective, and may even allow an antibiotic to successfully combat otherwise antibiotic-resistant bacteria. As reported by Medical News Today.
"...[N]ot only did silver boost the ability of a broad range of commonly used antibiotics so as to stop mice dying of otherwise lethal infections, but it made at least one resistant bacterium succumb to antibiotics again. The addition of silver also broadened the effect of vancomycin, an antibiotic that is usually only effective at killing Gram-positive bacteria like Staph and Strep; aided by silver it killed Gram-negative bacteria such as those that cause food poisoning and dangerous hospital-acquired infections."

Not All Silver Is Created Equal

Colloidal Silver is a liquid form of silver suspended in liquid, which means the sub particles of the silver are so tiny that they are difficult to see under a microscope, the benefit of the particles being so minute is that they are then able to penetrate any and all cells in the body to promote healing. They enter the cell and break apart and kill viruses, yeast, bacteria etc. Ionic silver is quite different as the cells are substantially larger and tend to clog together creating mass sub-particles of silver, these cannot penetrate the cell, and are incapable of having healing properties. 

An important aspect of colloidal silver is finding a high quality properly bottled form of silver with no other added ingredients. At Bark Avenue we carry a wonderful brand from Glacier Peak Holistics! This month only, we will have both the small and large bottles on sale!

Glacier Peak Holistics

                                  What makes ours so good?

First we start with laboratory grade purified water. Then we use our proprietary methods of amperage, voltage, and 99.9% pure silver to create a superior grade Colloidal Silver. This formula is the BEST we've ever seen. 

Our spray can be used for external and internal issues.

Gently misting your pets mouth and feet can eliminate germs both inside and out. You can also spray into water and on food. Lightly mist your pet's skin to help heal abrasions, superficial cuts, allergic reactions and hot spots.

Spray your pet's teeth and gums to help maintain oral health. It is perfect for "disinfecting" your dog's paws, nose, and back end after visiting the dog park or play group and sniffing a lot of new and unfamiliar friends.

If you ever have any questions about pet nutrition or any other ailments please come talk to us!

The Bark Avenue Team

Sources - Fisher, Howard, Dr., Nature's Silver Bullet,, Glacier Peak Holistics
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