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Nurturing Your Pet During The Winter Months
Kidney Health & Medicinal Mushrooms
Nourishing Our Pets In The Winter

Winter immediately brings the feeling of cold and contraction,the need to curl up by the fire, late mornings and early nights. 

This time of year the earth seeks its hibernation, you see evidence of life slowly curling up to the base of earth, resting for winter.

 The cold months are a time of conservation and rest to prepare for the spring. Not only in these months do we begin to feel the need for nurture but our pets do as well.

Stripped To The Bone

Winter strips everything down to the bare essentials of life, like the trees are stripped of leaves, laid bare like skeletons. 

If we strip the body down to the core we find the bones, and within the center of the bones, the marrow. 

The body parts associated with the element of water is bone. The bone marrow produces our stem cells and all the precursor cells for our blood and immune system.

 The blood nourishes every cell in our body and carries away toxins to be disposed of.

 It also acts as a communication system, a traveling system for immune cells and hormones to send signals throughout the body. 

The Importance of kidney Health 
( Especially In Winter)

The organs associated with the water elements are the kidney and the bladder. The kidneys regulate the fluids of the entire body and rule the bones. 

The kidneys store the jing, the life essence we inherit from our parents, our ancestral  energy, our DNA. 

The kidneys are said to be the root of all pre-natal Qi, the energy in the "seed", before being born or sprouting.

Any congenital or hereditary issues stem from the kidneys. The jing of the kidneys nourishes the bone and the marrow. In chinese medicine, marrow includes bone marrow as well as the brain and spinal cord, which are encased by the vertebrae and the skull, just as bone marrow is encased by skeletal bone. 

Both neurological  and orthopedic issues are connected to the kidney and the element of water, ie, all the inherited orthopedic problems in dogs. Looking at early age spay and neuter, it may be depleting kidney jing before the animal is old enough to replenish the stores of Qi adequately.

The kidneys being the storehouse of life essence, are often depleted or deficient in elderly animals. If an animal enters winter depleted in life essence, their internal storehouse low on resources due to age or chronic illness, there is a high probability they will not make it to spring. 

Many elderly animals often succumb to illness like pneumonia that hit deep into the core of the body during winter. Deep within our ancestral knowing, in our bones, we have an awareness of the life threatening nature of winter, of not having enough resources stored away to survive the long winter- and with that brings fear, the emotion associated with the kidneys and the element of water. 

Kidney Depletion 

As we age, we burn through our kidney jing. The obvious diseases associated with the water element are kidney failure and bladder issues, incontinence, stones, or urinary tract infections. 

The kidneys are said to rule the pupils of the eyes, and thus cataracts or cloudiness develop. The kidneys open to the outside via the ears; deafness is associated with aging. Animals with depleted kidneys may also go through a period of hypersensitivity to sound.

 Groaning is the sound associated with the kidneys, like an older dog groaning after getting up after a long nap. It's extremely important to take time for extra care and nurturing during winter, especially for older dogs.

 Keeping them warm inside is a start. Cold causes stiffness and contraction. Cold seeps into the bones creating pain. Massage is a great way to warm up the stiff limbs of an elderly dog. As well as feeding warming meats such as venison, lamb, chicken and adding bone broth into your dogs food. Feeding medicinal mushrooms is also essential. They work to replenish the jing of the kidneys but also support the immune function, aid in preventing cancer, allergies, inflammation etc. 

Nourish With Bones & Medicinal Mushrooms

P otent medicine can be made easily by adding a few herbal ingredients to bone broth. A large batch of broth can be frozen into ice cube trays for longer preservation. You can thaw them out daily and add into meals supplementary for replenishing jing and warmth into the body. 

Many times elderly animals with low appetite will readily lap up bone broth. It is also wonderful for animals with chronic disease, renal failure and cancer as the nutrients are readily absorbed with minimal digestive effort. The additional liquids in the broth hydrate and flush out toxins. 

Bone broth is great for animals with bladder issues as well as to relieve inflammation, straining to urinate and can assist with flushing out crystals and bacteria. Many cats have been relieved of painful urination by cystitis just by consuming bone broth and medicinal mushrooms. 

Medicinal Mushrooms Are Super Herbs
  • Minerals: potassium, selenium, sulfur, sodium, geranium, zinc, phosphorus
  • Sugars: mannitol, xylose, glucose, galactose, mannose
  • Vitamins: B complex, folic acid, pro-vitamin D
  • Protein: essential amino acids
  • Enzymes: antibacterial, proteolytic
  • Lipids: phospholipids, sterols, sterol esters, free fatty acids, mono-, di- and triglycerides
  • Polysaccharides: glycogen, beta-D-glucans, chitin
  • Essential oils: triterpenes


Replenishes jing, best long life tonic there is, helps tremendously in the winter to help the kidney and stress of winter on the body, promotes heart health, immune system function, liver health, endurance, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, relieves allergies, control & regulate blood sugar, manages joint issues
Cancer, heart disease, arthritis, allergies, upper respitory infection, compromised immune system


Stimulates white blood cells, improves circulation, inhibits tumor growth and lowers cholesterol 


Stimulates T-cells, been shown to prevent cancer, supports body during chemo-therapy, helps with diabetes and supports liver function

Turkey Tail:

Contains beta-glucan polysaccharides, essential sugar in the body to activate immune system, protects from infection, fights disease, heals pulmonary disorders, treats inflammation in urinary & digestive tract


Anti-tumor properties, protects against liver and heart disease, heals leaky gut syndrome, helps with kidney failure, alleviates symptoms of asthma

Winter Broth Recipe 

This recipe helps tremendously with kidney health during the cold months but also helps with many other ailments listed above. You can use this as an overall immune support or for something as serious as cancer. 

5 Tblsp of Canine Matrix Mushroom Blend 

1/4 Cup of beet root

1/2 Cup Bone broth 

1/4 Cup Celery 

1/2 Tsp Tumeric 

1/2 Tsp Ginger 

Mushroom Products You Will Find At Bark Avenue

Canine Matrix: 

Canine Matrix is the leading producer of the highest quality certified 100% organic functional mushroom powders that contribute to your pet's optimal health.

Having traveled the world to discover our unique mushroom varieties, we've combined our extensive expertise with modern methodology to grow, dehydrate and mill these miraculous mushrooms in our state-of-the-art Certified 100% Organic and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facility in Carlsbad, California.

We harness and distill the amazing, all-natural micro-nutrient benefits of the mushroom kingdom. Our founders, Steve Farrar, a mycologist with over 30 years experience growing mushrooms and Sandra Carter (M.A. MPH, Ph.D.), a health and wellness expert with a PhD in preventative medicine, both have a deep-rooted passion for mushrooms. 

Your four legged friend's tail will be wagging after experiencing the power of our veterinarian recommended mushroom powders.

Super Snouts Super Shrooms

Super Shrooms support a healthy inflammatory response and detoxification process in the body. Super Shrooms contain bioactive compounds that have the ability to neutralize toxins, promote protective enzymes and decrease oxidative stress, which is responsible for accelerated aging of the body.

Super Shrooms are dense in molecules known as Beta-glucans. Beta-glucans are known for immune system support and re-building connective tissue to promote healthy joints.

Always feel free to come talk to us about any questions you have, we are happy to help with any ailments your pet may be suffering from, or any questions you have regarding this newsletter. 
The Bark Avenue Team 

Source: Dogs Naturally Magazine,,

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