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  Spare the Air Employer Program
Promote Carpooling for Less Stress, Less Gridlock, More Savings
Are you looking for ways to help your employees arrive to work relaxed and stress-free? Is your parking lot overcrowded? Would you like to have another valuable employee retention tool? Promote carpooling! Carpooling has numerous benefits for your company and employees. Carpooling is also one of the easiest ways to spare the air, especially if your worksite is not conveniently served by transit.
Use the article below in your newsletter to share the benefits of carpooling with your employees and to encourage them to visit 511 Rideshare. 511 offers free assistance to Bay Area businesses and organizations, providing customized commute plans. Services include consultations, worksite events, employee surveys, density maps, relocation assistance, ride matching, and vanpool formation and support. For more information on services available to employers, visit the  Rideshare Employers page.
Employee newsletter article:
Carpooling can benefit your wallet, your health and our air quality. Carpooling even just once or twice a week makes a huge difference!
Carpool Benefits
  • Reduce commuting time by using the HOV and Express lanes along your commute
  • Save on parking costs (including Carpool permits for BART parking)
  • Save on bridge tolls
  • Save on insurance by lowering your annual mileage
  • Reduce stress! You'll feel the difference when you commute with co-workers rather than driving alone.

The 511 RideMatch Service has connected thousands of carpoolers throughout the Bay Area by matching commuters to others who live and work nearby. 511's route-based matching option allows commuters to find potential carpool partners from those who travel along their commute route.

Save on Gas! Carpool Calculator
Find out how much money you could save if you carpooled to work with this easy 511 calculator. As an added Spare the Air bonus you can calculate your CO 2 savings.