BSB 104     J. Morris Hicks     (7-27-17) 
Promoting Urgency for Change in my Talks

In recent weeks, I have become more focused on doing all that I can to raise the awareness of the global dilemma we are all facing when it comes to our future as a species. In my public talks, I now address four HUGE unsustainable situations that we must urgently address.

One of those "situations" is our food choices throughout the world. I used to think that if we could quickly eliminate most of our animal-based foods that we could buy ourselves enough time to address the other three "situations." 

I no longer believe that we can.

As such, I have been making some big changes in my public presentations. The rest of this BSB is a preview of a dozen new PowerPoint slides that that appear in my latest 48-slide talk.

I am actively searching for mainstream audiences for this presentation and would love to be speaking somewhere every day of the year. Now that my message is all about "the big picture" of life on Earth (not just about  about changing what we eat), it should appeal to a far greater percentage of the population.


Have Message, Will Travel.  Please contact me (by return email) if you'd like to discuss scheduling a presentation at a venue near you. I have given variations of this talk at mainstream universities, and, while it's alarming to some extent, the message seems to resonate with conscientious people of all ages.

To view all 48 slides in my latest presentation, click here. Other upcoming talks include Ithaca, NY, in September, Ontario (Canada) in the Fall, Fort Myers, Florida, in January and Honolulu in April.

Be well,  J. Morris (Jim) Hicks

Promoting health, hope and harmony on planet Earth

Moonglow J. Morris Hicks

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