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July 2020
Dear Friend of DKT,

Like all of you, we are adapting quickly to the challenges of the day. More on this below.

This newsletter includes a technical point on how DKT reports on the large volume of sales made to governments and NGOs. In short, while these are very important, we don’t treat them the same way we do a sale to a private sector clinic or pharmacy. 

We also share our June statement on Black Lives Matter, a White Paper covering the work of DKT WomanCare in 90+ countries, and DKT’s involvement in a film in DR Congo produced by survivors of sexual violence.

Thank you for your interest in DKT. We genuinely appreciate any comments or questions you have. Please send them along and we’ll do our best to respond.

Chris Purdy
DKT adapting to COVID challenges
COVID-19 continues to place pressure on DKT by slowing or stopping supply lines and limiting the ability of clinics and shops to make products and services available. However, the mitigating steps taken in March and April are also helping DKT to adapt and ensure women and men can access what they need.

Many consumers appear to prefer the convenience and ease to quickly purchase a product at a pharmacy. As a result, DKT is seeing improving sales through this important channel for products like condoms, and oral and emergency contraception.

In contrast, demand for clinic-based methods such as IUDs and implants appear to be slowing as women choose to delay visits to clinics.  To address this , DKT is training providers virtually on protocols to ensure safety for providers and clients alike.

DKT is undertaking research and carefully assessing where future challenges and opportunities lie. We understand the challenges ahead of us and are working hard every day to provide solutions. 
In Nigeria, DKT sales representatives ensure that this pharmacy has sufficient supplies of misoprostol and oral contraceptives. Pharmacies are an easier outlet from which to purchase during COVID-19.
DKT WomanCare - new White Paper
DKT WomanCare has emerged as a leading platform to ensure access to a wide range of contraceptives and technology for miscarriage management and safe abortion care. With sales in over 90 countries, DKT WomanCare’s efforts help governments, NGOs, and the private sector to avert thousands of maternal deaths every year.

A new White Paper provides more details about this work and future plans. We invite you to learn more by reading it here.
Why DKT ‘discounts’ our sales to NGOs and the public sector: Impact and Transparency
During the normal course of business, DKT often provides or sells our products to other NGOs as well as governments, playing a critical role in ensuring wide product availability. Among the products sold in 2020, for example, DKT has sold 400,000 IUDs to the governments of Senegal, Niger, and Indonesia, 600,000+ implants to UNFPA and governments, and 60,000 emergency contraceptives to NGOs in DR Congo. We often provide training to these groups to increase provider capacity to deliver services. We are very proud to play this important role.

When we report on these sales to the public, we heavily discount the health impact of these transactions (in the case of government tenders – up to 95%).  It may seem like splitting hairs, but DKT takes assessments of our health impact seriously. As a result, DKT elects to only attribute full health impact to those instances where DKT’s involvement plays a critical role in the private sector to both ensure product availability but also product uptake – through provider training as well as education of providers.  In the case of supplying to NGOs and governments, DKT’s role tends to be more focused on a supply chain fulfillment and we recognize that other actors are involved driving these results. 

Accordingly, our sales results are dis-aggregated by country and product but also by channel to reflect any sales to NGOs and governments. This allows any independent outsider to assess and evaluate our results on their own. We believe that this transparency is important.
DKT DRC sponsors ‘SEMA’, a short film produced by survivors of sexual assault
Survivors of sexual assault in Eastern DRC produced SEMA, a film directed by Macherie Ekwa that showcases how sexual violence is used as a weapon of war. Doña Moleka, DKT DRC's Head of Marketing, photographed the production behind the scenes, which allowed her to spend time with the cast and crew of this short film. After filming, DKT DRC joined other sponsors in financing the post-production and promotion of the film, which was originally set to premier in March. With COVID, the launch was delayed until June.

This film dives into the long-term effects of rape on a woman’s life—the discrimination by peers, the lost opportunities to pursue schooling, and the lack of support by spouses and family. Sexual violence violates a person's most important sexual right, which is to their own autonomy and safety. The film can be viewed with subtitles in English or French on YouTube.
Black Lives Matter
In June, DKT released an official statement of support against racial discrimination in the USA and around the world. As the United States continues to work toward a more equitable society, DKT believes that we all have a role to play in ending overt racism as well as the systemic racism that impedes change. On the streets around the United States, we have heard and support the call that Black Lives Matter. We hold this truth to be self-evident. DKT is committed to addressing these issues. DKT will continue to empower and uplift unserved communities of color in the US and globally, and work with colleagues and partners around the world to spread the message that reproductive health care helps women, in particular, lead happier, healthier lives.

Read the full statement of support on our website.
DKT is open for business
DKT offices are still at work despite the challenges of the day. In Mozambique (top left photo), sales representatives market DKT’s products to shop owners. In Myanmar (top right), DKT delivers provides face shields to shop owners so they can stay open without a fear of infection. In Egypt (bottom left), sales representatives market our products through a plastic screen meant to keep doctor’s safe. Finally, in Liberia, muddy roads have made delivery to rural areas more challenging. Still DKT distributes our products wherever they are needed.
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