Mainstay Announces New Principals and Associates

BLUE BELL, PA – September 8, 2022 - Mainstay recently announced the promotions of
Justin Ruby, PE, Shellie Straub, Pamela Assenmacher, PE and Doug Seaboldt, PE as Principals of the firm. All four were promoted from Associate to Principal and will help lead the firm through the remainder of its 20th anniversary year and beyond. Dave Citro, PE and Ryan Firkser, PE have recently been promoted to Director and have been named Associates of the firm. Dave, as Director of Civil Engineering, will oversee all civil and land development projects. Ryan, as Director of Facility Solutions, will oversee facility services and fall protection projects as well as continue to grow our Cherry Hill office.
Justin Ruby has been with the Mainstay team since the early days, coming on board in 2005.

"For me, the Pfizer Kalamazoo, MI Covid-19 project we are currently working on has had the most impact. It was incredible to work on a project that had so much clear impact not just nationwide, but worldwide. I saw the president of the United States give a speech to the nation in front of a steel platform that Mainstay designed on a warehouse floor where I stood working with contractors just a few days earlier. This aspect of the project changed my perspective on the work that we do here at Mainstay. When I tell people I first meet that I am a structural engineer, often their first question will be 'Have you worked on anything that I would know?' My previous response was always 'we do structural support for mechanical equipment and process equipment on pharmaceutical plants as they renovate for new manufacturing processes, but nothing notable.' Now my perspective has changed to say that we are an integral part of work which saves the lives of countless people worldwide. It is an amazing opportunity that we, as a small 40+ person firm, can do work that has such an incredible worldwide impact.

Mainstay promotes a collaborative approach to each project, no matter the size. Young engineers are encouraged to develop engineering skills to work independently, but they are also strongly encouraged to approach more experienced engineers with questions regularly. We develop solutions together and our quality department reviews every deliverable before it leaves the office. This process ensures that we are not leaving anyone out on an island and that our clients can be assured that they will get a quality and consistent product when they come to Mainstay.

The thing that I enjoy most, is working as part of a team to develop solutions to project challenges. Some projects are cost driven and some projects are schedule driven, but all projects have challenges. Whether the project is trying to meet an impossible schedule to get the project out off the ground or to figure out the most cost-effective solution to brace a failing retaining wall, each project has unique challenges. Working with our internal team and the rest of the project team to meet the needs of the end customer is a very satisfying process."

Like Justin, Shellie Straub joined Mainstay in the early days back in 2005, as a part-time bookkeeper. Over the last 16 years, Shellie has become an integral part of Mainstay's operations including human resources and accounting management and has held the role of Office Manager for more than 10 years.

Projects of note for Shellie include leading the charge to go paperless, co-authoring Mainstay's mentor program, and assisting with three office moves.

"My passions are helping people and life-long learning. My favorite part of the day is when teamwork solves a problem better than I could have done alone."

Pamela Assenmacher joined Mainstay in 2006.

"With 30+ years’ experience in structural engineering, I have devoted my time over the past decade in mentoring, training, and developing future professional structural engineers utilizing my years of practical experience and breadth of knowledge. This is my way of sharing my passion and excitement of being a structural engineer who is a crucial team member responsible for the safety and sustainability of our society in the design of those projects in which we are engaged. Whether it be a simple project or a challenging project, the creativity and problem-solving ability of the structural engineer ensures project designs that leave valuable assets to our communities."

Some projects of note for Pamela include: the structural evaluation of historical dirigible (blimp) air ship hanger at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, NJ, United States Marine Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC) training facility at Camp LeJeune, NC as well as numerous projects supporting research, development and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals including renovations, modifications, additions, and new buildings for major companies locally, throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas.

"It has been rewarding to see and be a part of the development and growth of Mainstay Engineering over the past 16 years. There are no limits or boundaries which can restrain the future of Mainstay Engineering and our partnerships as we continue to expand in business sectors and locations."
Doug Seaboldt joined Mainstay in 2012 after working in Boston for 9 years and in Center City Philadelphia for 7. Looking back, Doug reflects on some special Mainstay projects.

"Just after starting at Mainstay, we were asked to be a part of the team as the structural designers for a brand new greenfield vaccine facility in Rio De Janeiro. The opportunity came about because the owner wanted to expedite construction during the timeframe of the World Cup and Olympic games in Rio, and steel construction seemed logistically the best fit. We were asked to conceptually design the entire campus from security gate access points to distribution warehouses. The project allowed for travel and exposure to a great team of individuals in Brazil. 

These days we seem to be involved in numerous Covid-19 vaccine facility projects in response to the pandemic. Our specialized abilities lent us to work on the expedited logistical approach to getting a facility up and running in Kalamazoo, Michigan, to also being part of distribution warehouse facilities for vaccine distribution."

As for Doug's work passions?
"Feeling rewarded as part of a collaborative design team that solves multifaceted problems for end clients and facility owners with successful design solutions. At Mainstay, we want to create a better and stronger culture where Our People can shine and positively affect people outside Mainstay in our industry and in our everyday lives."
Dave Citro celebrated 10 years with Mainstay in 2021.

Some of Dave's special projects include Merck's Rahway Campus Park Restoration; Pfizer's Kalamazoo Modular Aseptic Processing Facility; Hikma Pharmaceuticals GxA and GxF projects in Columbus, OH.

"Solving problems and finding cost-effective solutions for our clients as well as helping to educate the next generation of design engineers and what are what I enjoy most."

Ryan is approaching his 15th year with Mainstay.

"I was a green “kid” just out of Lehigh when I joined Mainstay and it has been the only engineering company that I have worked full time for in my career. In all honesty, my decision to join Mainstay had more to do with being close to home and knowing where to catch some fish after work than it did building a career. The real testament is that I am still here 15 years later and still growing personally and professionally. I try to find something unique in every project that we execute. Sometimes it might be a real 'enginerdy' solution or some crazy awesome detailing. Many times, it is in learning and brain banking knowledge from other disciplines, end users and contractors that will help us to provide better services in the future.

Most special to me are those projects which provide immediate and measurable improvement to an actual person’s interaction with the built environment. People; the firm, the New Jersey team, our clients and partners, the end users and the contractors who bring a design to life. Learning; never stop. Solutions; find the best but don’t reinvent the wheel. 
'Win today and we walk together forever'.”

Mainstay is in a period of rapid growth including office expansion, doubling its staff over the next 5 years and expanding its reach into additional market sectors. Promoting Doug, Justin, Pamela, Shellie, Dave and Ryan is just the beginning of implementing Mainstay's strategic growth plan. 

About Mainstay Engineering Group, Inc.
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