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Stretch or Compress?  Its up to you...
Stretching your hip flexors can be key to avoiding lower back pain, but you can do more harm than good if you are not careful.


When sitting all day, as  do many of us with desk jobs, our hip flexors can become tight. Hip flexors are the muscles that run along the front of each of our legs in the hip. There are quite a few muscles that actually flex the hip, but two that are specifically referred to as hip flexors.


Having tight hip flexors can cause many issues including lower back pain. When tight, they can cause your lower back to chronically pull forward. A tight hip flexor can inhibit your glutes which can cause lower back pain, even from the simplest of daily activities.


One of Performance Therapy's certified strength coaches, LaDawn McLamb, gives the do's and don'ts of stretching the hip flexors. Hold the proper stretch for 30 seconds to a minute on each side to keep your hips flexing pain free.

Do not arch the lumbar spine causing compression and potential damage to vertebral discs.
D o not lean the chest forward causing stress to the lumbar spine further encouraging poor posture.
D o make sure to tilt your pelvis backwards to achieve a complete stretch to the hip flexors.
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