“I was a farm field worker for over 12 years,” says Diana Gomez. “I understand the needs of farm workers. They are not always good with technology or getting the most current information. Becoming a Promotora was a good opportunity to help those with need.” The Promotores have undergone extensive training to ensure they are well educated on current issues around testing, prevention, and vaccination to help the Latinx community access critical public health resources. “Many Latinx essential workers are eligible for the vaccine but don’t know they are or how to sign up,” says Ana Almanza, a Promotora. “Because of the Promotores’ work we are getting a lot more people signed up for the vaccine.”

“In addition to education we are also learning a lot from the people we are talking to,” continued Ana Almanza. “We are hearing about their fears and their needs. The advantage of having the information come from us is that Nuestra Alianza de Willits already has a connection with community members. We are familiar and a part of the community; we are not the government. So, it allows us to bring vital information from the County directly into the community.” Indeed, there was “initially a lot of hesitancy and no way to prove eligibility,” says Sergio Perez . “Now more folks are getting vaccinated, knowing they are safe and that no information will go to immigration.”  This information has created an uptick in testing, prevention, and vaccination, and has also opened the doors to further assistance when the need arises.