Commentary: Prop. 15 isn't California’s last opportunity to restore our social contract

With other bold, visionary proposals like a wealth tax, creation of a public bank like North Dakota’s and tax increases for millionaires coming back to the Legislature next year, we can still lay the foundation for a just recovery and a California Green New Deal while generating billions for our schools, firefighters and local services. Check out this CalMatters Commentary by Public Advocates President and CEO Guillermo Mayer.
Four Job Openings at Public Advocates

Please help us spread the news about these jobs. We are hiring a Director of Higher Education, an Education Equity Attorney, a Program Associate for our Education Equity Team, and a Development Communications Specialist. Share these opportunities with your networks and please reach out to us if you have any questions!
Don’t cut transit funding during a pandemic!

Who's riding public transit right now? It's the people who are keeping us alive! 20% are essential healthcare, food service and maintenance workers. We are demanding that the Bay Area's transportation agency stop non-essential capital spending, and instead make sure transit operations are funded so workers can travel safely during the pandemic. Managing Attorney Richard Marcantonio is quoted in this story by the San Francisco Chronicle.
A record number of people voted to remove President Donald Trump from power. Let’s seize this historic opportunity to make systemic change and prevent a return to the broken status quo.
Our nation and local communities can finally begin the urgent task of rebuilding and recovering from a four-year political nightmare that has undermined our democracy, inflamed racial hatred and social division, placed millions of households in economic peril, and left hundreds of thousands of people dead from Covid-19. Click to see our statements on President-elect Biden's victory and the outcomes of Prop 15 and Prop 16.
Victory for high need students in Los Angeles

The CA Department of Education ruled recently in response to a Public Advocates complaint that LA Unified must reform how it uses funds on high need students. The district receives $1.1 billion annually to improve services for English learners, foster youth and students from low-income backgrounds. But for too long, LA Unified has not been transparent and has not been demonstrating it is using the funds to serve high need students as state law requires. In the midst of a pandemic and as districts draft their 2021-2022 spending plans, LAUSD must be held accountable for how it supports high need students.
Why landlords want to cancel rent

Sometimes the rent relief debate feels like landlords vs. tenants, but this divide is fueled by corporate landlords and the politicians they pay. We need to come together to #CancelRent. Watch this video from Partnership for Working Families, Alliance for Housing Justice, and Texas Housers where small landlords come together and call for relief from rent and mortgages. Public Advocates is a co-founder of the Alliance for Housing Justice.
Giving Tuesday is almost here. Help Public Advocates meet our $10,000 goal!

The national day of philanthropy known as Giving Tuesday is coming up on December 1st. We hope that you will support us, and help us do even more good in the coming year. We delivered big progressive wins for California in 2020. Together, and with President Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris in Washington, 2021 can be a year of incredible transformation! Make a gift today and it will be matched by one of our board members!
The Voices of Conscience Fund: our civil rights war chest

Support for the Voices of Conscience Fund, now entering its third year, continues to grow. We're grateful to all our sponsors for leading the way and hope you will join us again in 2021. Public Advocates has created the Fund to direct 100% of your financial contribution to building the legal firepower necessary to fight for education, housing and transportation equity. Please click here to explore sponsorship levels.
Public Advocates in the News

President and CEO Guillermo Mayer co-authors an op-ed in CalMatters on the future of progressive sources of revenue after the loss of Prop 15 …..The Orange County Register and LA School Report feature Public Advocates in post-election stories about Prop 15…..EdSource and Law 360 feature Public Advocates in post-election stories about Prop 16…..The San Francisco Chronicle quotes Managing Attorney Richard Marcantonio in a story about proposed cuts to transit funding…..The Sacramento Bee quotes Policy Advocate Michelle Pariset in a story about eviction protests…..The SF Business Times quotes Legal Fellow Shajuti Hossain in a story about regional planning on affordable housing…..CalMatters' Dan Walters quotes Managing Attorney John Affeldt in a story about the vetoing of a bill that would have closed a major education funding loophole…..EdSource quotes John in a story about Supreme Court nominee Martin Jenkins
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