Round 1: Prop C—victory!

News to celebrate on a long July 4th weekend! Judge Schulman had ninety days, but ruled in two in favor of both Prop Cs—for child care and education, and for affordable housing and supports to those without houses. This is not the end of the road, with the Howard Jarvis Tax Association et. al. expected to appeal and move this case to trial, but the judge's strong July 5 ruling in our favor increases our possibility of victory going forward.

Our eventual victory is an important one, not only because this will mean the $120M for ECE, and $300M for affordable housing, but it will recognize a more democratic process on future measures put on the ballot through a citizen's initiative—allowing communities to access needed funds for human services.

Read articles on this case in the SF Chronicle, SF Examiner, and other news media, and access information and court documents on our website.

Thanks to all who came to court on Wednesday. We will work with you to keep our communities informed about the importance of a victory for Prop C on ECE and C on Housing.

Sara Hicks-Kilday
ECESF Director
If you were there and have a picture of the rally you'd like to share, please submit it on our website . Thank you.