July 24, 2020
New Courses from the PERC Safety Team
The PERC safety team has converted and made available five more safety courses that you can take on  The Learning Center  at propane.com. The latest program additions to the online learning platform are:
  • Propane Personal Safety – This comprehensive video-based training program targets all levels of the organization and shows both why injury prevention is important and the best practices to teach and encourage safe work performance. Components include an introduction to safety management for owners, managers, and supervisors as well as techniques for worker injury prevention.
  • Mobile Crane Safety – This program is designed to help crane operators, field technicians, and managers understand good practices and procedures associated with the safe operation of mobile truck cranes. This equipment is commonly used to install residential tanks and cylinders, deliver tanks that deliver temporary heat at construction sites, and set tanks and cylinders for residential and commercial pool heaters.
  • Static Electricity – This course provides propane industry professionals, facility managers, company safety officials and others a basic understanding of static electricity, its sources, common exposures, and strategies that should be used to reduce the risk of unintentional ignition. It enables propane professionals to evaluate their facility for static electricity and static discharge hazards, implement remediation or mitigation actions, and facilitate training/instruction for all applicable employees.
  • Transport Operator – A training guide that provides information, practices, and procedures to support general loading and unloading tasks for drivers who operate transports to deliver propane.
  • Cylinder Requalification – This course provides instruction on how to perform DOT cylinder requalification using visual inspection tasks.

All five programs are still available in print and USB via the resource catalog on propane.com. Like all PERC safety programs, they are designed specifically for the propane industry and can aid with compliance and safe practices. They are free of charge to the industry and available online with permanent records of training being kept in the Learning Center.

To access all safety training offerings, visit propane.com and click the Learning Center tab at the top of the page. Log in or create a new account and choose the “safety training” option. Contact Eric Kuster  with questions.
2020 Employee Training
IPGA offers CETP and non-certified employee training for those employed in the propane industry or looking to obtain propane training certification. To make training more accessible to everyone, classes are held in multiple locations. Classes are open to members and non-members and pre-registration is necessary. Please note, locations have changed, for the most current information, click here .
Propane Days 2020: Legislative Propane Facility Tours
NPGA’s annual membership visit to Washington, DC is the most important federal advocacy event of each year. In 2019, NPGA members met with more than 200 Congressional offices to explain the importance of the industry’s federal legislative priorities. Since then, NPGA scored major Congressional victories on tax, transportation, and appropriations issues, Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 crisis, NPGA had to modify the format for this year’s Propane Days event. 

IPGA and NPGA will now help facilitate Congressional visits across the country to occur throughout the month of August. IPGA and NPGA will help prepare association members for these visits through a series of pre-recorded, on demand webinars. We will also provide an Advocacy Toolkit tailored specifically for each scheduled visit. 

Please email Matt Solak  if you are interested in hosting a site visit with your member of Congress. IPGA and NPGA will then work to make the arrangements for the site visit and provide you with tools to ensure a successful visit. 
House Approves Expanded NPGA Appropriations Requests
Earlier this week, the House of Representatives’ Appropriations Committee released final text for the Energy and Water Appropriations bill, which included all four requests for federal funding made by NPGA. These investments from the federal government will help position the propane gas industry for years down the road as Congress looks to modernize the energy sector and reduce emissions across the economy. Additionally, the inclusion of NPGA’s request is another important indicator of the progress propane has made with House Democrats in positioning propane as a clean alternative to existing transportation and energy generation technologies.

Last year, NPGA secured federal funding for research, development and demonstration (RD&D) of propane vehicle engine technology and combined heat and power (CHP) systems. This year, NPGA built on that success of last year by expanding the scope of these requests. Additionally, the association requested funds for RD&D of renewable propane and how the fuel can be used to enhance the nation’s existing resilience infrastructure.

Below are excerpts of the  Committee Report Language  with the corresponding page numbers granting each of NPGA's requests: 
  • Page 101 - The committee encourages continued research and development as appropriate in advanced combustion and vehicle engine technology efficiency in propane engines used for light- and medium- duty applications. The recommendation provides up to $5,000,000 for research on direct injection, engine technology, and use of dimethyl ether as fuel. 
  • Page 108 - The department is encouraged to continue research, development, and market transformation programs related to the direct use of natural gas and propane gas in residential applications, including gas heat pumps with power generation and water heating, on-site combined heat and power, and on-site micro-combined heat and power to include integration with renewables. 
  • Page 113 - In addition to emerging technologies for distributed grids, the committee recommends that currently available distributed fuels, such as propane fueled microgrids, combined heat and power, and demand response, be evaluated. 
  • Page 116 - The committee notes that liquefied petroleum gases, including propane, are increasingly being generated from renewable sources. The recommendation provides up to $4,000,000 for a demonstration project to show the increased viability of renewable liquefied petroleum gases. 

For additional information about NPGA’s Appropriations priorities and the FY2021 language, please contact NPGA’s Director of Legislative Affairs, Michael Baker.
IPGA Board Meeting: July 28
IPGA is hosting a board meeting on Tuesday, July 28, 11:30am-2:30pm at The Bridgewater Club in Carmel, IN. Members are welcome to attend if interested.
If you will be attending as a non-board member, registration is required. Click here to register.
President's Council Members