December 11, 2020
Line 5 Update: Enbridge Files Suit to Block Shut-Down of Line 5
Enbridge has filed a federal complaint in the United States District Court for the Western District of Michigan seeking an injunction to stop the State of Michigan from taking any steps to prevent the operation of Line 5. The attempt to shut down Line 5 interferes with the comprehensive federal regulation of pipeline safety and burdens interstate and foreign commerce in clear violation of federal law and the US Constitution. Enbridge is also moving the complaint filed by the State against Line 5 on November 13 in Michigan state court to the Federal Court.

A federal agency, the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), is responsible for oversight of the dual Line 5 pipelines, not the State of Michigan. In fact, three months ago, the safety of Line 5 was reviewed by PHMSA, and it was found to be fit for service. Therefore, Enbridge believes the State’s attempt to assume the role of safety regulator through its notice purporting to “terminate and revoke” the easement is improper and unlawful.

This is the latest attempt by the State of Michigan to interfere with the operation of this critical infrastructure by assuming authority it does not possess. By contrast, Enbridge continues to live up to all its obligations under its agreements with the State of Michigan. Notably, Enbridge has undertaken a variety of Line 5 projects requested by the State at substantial expense, including installing a new Line 5 crossing under the St. Clair River earlier this year and diligently pursuing permitting for the Great Lakes tunnel project at no cost to taxpayers. 
“In the face of continued roadblocks by this Administration it’s time for the State to stop playing politics with the energy needs and anxieties of US and Canadian consumers and businesses that depend on Line 5,” said Vern Yu, Executive Vice President and President, Liquids Pipelines. “It is concerning to see the current Administration is willing compromise these needs. We remain highly committed to protecting the Great Lakes, the environment, and all the people who use these waters while delivering energy that people rely on daily. Enbridge's Line 5 has served Michiganders safely without spilling a drop of oil at the Straits crossing for more than 65 years, over nine different State Administrations.”

A disruption of Line 5 would create a propane shortage, higher energy prices and hardship for Michigan families, especially those on fixed incomes or of modest means. It would also result in a daily shortage of over 14 million gallons of gasoline and other transportation fuels, impacting the entire region, including Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, New England, Ontario, and Quebec. Ten regional refineries would be significantly and adversely impacted. Some of these refineries served by Line 5 also supply a large percentage of the aviation fuel at Detroit’s Metropolitan Airport and Ohio’s airports. 
COVID-19 Safety Reminders for Your Staff
The busy home heating season is rapidly approaching, and this season will prove to be unlike any other. With COVID-19 protocols still in place throughout the country, keeping up with customer demand while maintaining a safe work environment for your employees — and your customers — is paramount.

Before business kicks into high gear, it’s important to review safety protocols and best practices for your business. PERC has compiled an abundance of important safety reminders  for you to keep in mind and review with your employees as you navigate the winter heating season in a COVD-19 world. These resources outline how to safely manage entering a customer’s home, what to do during out-of-gas or gas odor calls, or even how to handle employer-employee interactions during the pandemic.

National Reporters Engage PERC for Facts About Propane
With propane patio heaters a hot topic in national news outlets like Financial Times and The New York Times, reporters are turning to PERC President and CEO Tucker Perkins to weigh in and share facts about our fuel.
It’s a part of the work we’re doing to build relationships with energy reporters and other influencers via the new Path to Zero podcast and Environmental Thought Leadership Campaign. Learn more here. 
Still Time to Take Advantage of Customer Appliance Rebates 
The remaining balance of funds is $31,200.
ALL applications must include the following:
  • Completed rebate form, signed by both the Customer and Professional Propane Dealer.
  • Copy of paid receipt for purchased appliance
ALL Rebates will be issued in the amount listed below for only NEW propane appliances (dual fuel units are not eligible):
  • $300 – Furnace
  • $200 – Water heater
2021 Membership Dues
It is time again for dues renewals. The IPGA 2021 membership dues mailing was sent last week. This year, we are pleased to report that you can now pay your dues online! Simply click below to pay your dues quickly, easily, and securely. 
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