October 16, 2020
IPGA 2020 Fall Board and Membership Meeting
IPGA is hosting a board meeting on Tuesday, November 10, 11:30am-2:30pm at The Bridgewater Club in Carmel, IN. All members are invited to attend and lunch will be served.
Registration is required.

Prior to the in-person board meeting, committee meetings will meet via Zoom on November 3 and 5. 
  • Education and Safety Committee; November 3; 6:00-7:00 pm
  • Legislative and Regulatory Committee; November 3; 7:00-8:00 pm
  • Marketing Awareness Committee; November 5; 6:00-7:00 pm
  • Member Services Committee; November 3; 7:00-8:00 pm
IPGA Official Ballot
Per the IPGA Bylaws, the Executive Committee of the Indiana Propane Gas Association met to discuss and submit an official ballot of candidates for the IPGA Board of Directors.  The following members have been contacted via email and telephone and all have agreed to serve if elected. Additional nominations can be made during the business meeting on November 10.

Director at Large: Trebby Catron (2020/21 - 2022/23)
Director at Large: Mike McLeod (2020/21 - 2022/23)
Director at Large: Jeff Axsom (2020/21 - 2022/23)

Board Members with one year remaining on their current term are as follows:
Director at Large: Shane Young (2018/19 - 2020/21)
Director at Large: Charley Hutchins (2018/19 - 2020/21)
Director at Large: Jason Carr (2019/20 - 2020/21)

Director at Large: Dave Auxier (2019/20 - 2021/22)
Director at Large: Gina Canady (2019/20 - 2021/22)
Director at Large: Ben Franger (2019/20 - 2021/22)

These officer positions need no further voting:
President: John Schroering (2019/20 - 2020/21)
Vice President: Mike Hayden (2019/20 - 2020/21)
Secretary/Treasurer: Brian Donahue (2019/20 - 2020/21)
Immediate Past President: Scott Earl (2019/20 - 2020/21)
IPGA Call for Presentations
At the November meeting, the IPGA Board will begin planning for it's 2021 Annual Convention and is seeking speakers for consideration.

Potential speakers are asked to submit a topic(s) and descriptions(s) or a training you would like to provide to our members. We encourage you to share your best practices, successes and proven techniques. The 2021 convention is scheduled for:

June 23-25, 2021
French Lick Resort
8670 IN-56
French Lick, IN 47432
The submission deadline has been extended to October 21, 2020. Contact Lauren Washburn with questions.
Senator Mike Braun Visits Southern Indiana Propane
Last week, Senator Mike Braun took a plant tour at Southern Indiana Propane in Jasper. Senator Braun has been a great ally of the propane industry in Indiana. The visit gave the IPGA the opportunity to thank him for his previous support of the industry and discuss the outlook of the industry in Indiana. Senator Braun indicated his support to include propane in the Clean Corridors Program in the Senate highway bill and noted the important role propane plays for many Hoosiers.

Additionally, the IPGA discussed the need for additional funding for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. So far, Congress has allocated $900M in additional funding for the program in COVID-19 recovery/relief legislation. NPGA and other energy industries believe additional funds are needed to ensure that COVID-impacted workers are able to afford to heat their homes in the coming fall and winter months.
2021 Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo Dates Changed
Chair Denis Gagne announced that the 2021 Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo is moving from April to October 18-20 due to the impacts and uncertainties related to the COVID-19 pandemic. NPGA is also planning to host its fall board meeting in Atlanta immediately following the 2021 show. He noted that the October dates bring some challenges but also create new opportunities. The intention is to avoid significant cancellation fees for the hotels and convention center while providing a top-notch show for exhibitors and attendees.
President's Council Members