Critical Information for the Property & Casualty Insurance Market
P&C Updates                                         August 12, 2019
AIG / Enhanced Assault

AIG introduced a new Enhanced Assault Coverage effective August 1, 2019. This product provides coverage for physical attack upon an insured on the insured's property/premises or an assault off the insured property/premises which results in or could result in death or dismemberment or a traumatic medical condition. The attack must involve the use or display of a lethal weapon. 
Benchmark / Freelance BOP

Benchmark Insurance Company introduced their new Freelance Businessowners Program effective August 1, 2019. This product is designed for small commercial risks and will be administered through Coterie Insurance Agency, LLC.

Fortegra / Landlord's Liability

Lyndon Southern Insurance Company introduced their new Landlord's Liability for Tenant Waivers Contractual Liability Program effective July 18, 2019. This product insures the contractual liability assumed by a landlord when they waive their right of recovery from a tenant. 

AIG / CyberEdge

AIG Companies introduced their new CyberEdge Coverage that is designed to cover security failure, network interruption and cyber extortion for small to mid-sized risks. This product will be 'a' rated.