February 2019
Property Matters
Keeping You Informed

Dear Partners:

The Project-Based Section 8 program is one of the largest housing resources for low-income individuals and families in Rhode Island. Thank you for your continued partnership in providing this critical resource to our residents.

As always, RIHousing is here to help. Our team of housing specialists works with owners and service providers to ensure quality housing. Please contact the Division of Leased Housing at 401-429-1409 with any questions or concerns.

Barbara Fields
Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director
Government Shutdown Info

2019 AAFs are Published

HUD has published their Annual Adjustment Factors (AAFs) for 2019. All RIHousing PBCA contracts are post-MAHRA so the AAF is used only to increase reserve deposits for HUD and RIHousing loans ( per the Section 8 Renewal Guide ). The Rhode Island statewide AAFs are 1.0150 for developments with utilities included and 1.0104 for those without. AAFs are available here.

Management and Occupancy Reviews in 2019

RIHousing is wrapping up the last of its first round of MORs and is beginning to do repeat reviews. When your review is scheduled, please reach out to your CA with any questions about the process. It is in everyone’s interest for the audit to go smoothly. Prior to your review please make sure:

  • You review and fill out the 9834 ahead of time to ensure you have all the required answers
  • You collect all necessary documentation and have copies available for the reviewer
  • You collect all relevant back up documentation for the 9834 (policies, procedures, etc.)
  • All findings and observations from your previous MOR are addressed and continue to be addressed for new move-ins
  • Your EIV master binder is complete
  • You have an approval letter from your CA for tenant charges
  • Your AFHMP has been reviewed in the last 5 years. Note: You must have backup documentation for what was researched during the review and what results were found.
  • You have work orders (for both EH&S and Non-EH&S items) from your most recent REAC

RIHousing also recommends you complete your own file review (MOR file review worksheets are available here ) ahead of time so you can correct any deficiencies.

EIV and Tenant Selection plan checklists can be found here and here . (Note: these checklists, while based off of HUD Handbook 4350.3, are not official HUD documents.)

  • When sending in special claims please include an explanation of how the security deposit interest amount was calculated
  • If your application has been updated, please make sure any applicants who reach the top of the waitlist fill out your revised application before move-in to ensure you have collected all information required by HUD.
  • RIHousing is no longer sending out correction letters with unbalanced vouchers. CAs will send instead the voucher report from our HDS software, the HUD-52670 report and the TRACS error report. Using these reports, sites should be able to identify and correct any errors for the following month’s submission. Please contact your CA with any questions or concerns.

Please contact your Contract Administrator if you have questions
- we're here to help!