August 2019
Property Matters
Keeping You Informed

The Project-Based Section 8 program is one of the largest housing resources for low-income individuals and families in Rhode Island. Thank you for your continued partnership in providing this critical resource to our residents.

As always, RIHousing is here to help. Our team of housing specialists works with owners and service providers to ensure quality housing. Please contact the Division of Leased Housing at 401-429-1409 with any questions or concerns.
Tenant Selection Plan Collection
In order to make affordable housing in your communities more available for all those who need it, a team of students and community-based lawyers are collecting copies of applications and Tenant Selection Plans (TSPs) for every affordable housing development in the state. 
The goal of this project is twofold:
  • To create an online database of plans and their provisions to inform potential renters and advocates/service providers on which developments are the best fit for them/their clients.
  • To analyze the content of the TSPs in order to recommend suggested language that providers can adopt.

The HUD handbook states that "When requested, the owner must make the tenant selection plan available to the public" (Section 4-4 F). By generating a better understanding of the affordable housing landscape in Rhode Island, this project stands to benefit both housing providers and tenants by improving the quality of referrals and generating input on the language of TSPs.
We urge you to participate in this project and to share your TSPs and applications with this team. We understand that TSPs are updated from time to time, so please consider including revision and/or effective dates on your documents for version control purposes. You may email these documents, and any updates going forward, to or mail them to Megan Smith, 45 Arch Street #2, Providence, RI 02907. You can also contact her with any questions. For those of you who have already participated, thank you!

HUD Draft Notice: Electronic Documents
HUD recently released a draft notice on the electronic storage and submission of documents as well as the use of electronic signatures. This notice, which is not yet in effect, could drastically alter file retention, annual recertifications, and management and occupancy reviews. We encourage you to read the notice and share comments with HUD. Comments are due on August 9, 2019. 

Click here to read the draft notice ( located under “Feedback Open” on the right hand side of the webpage ). 
NSPIRE Demonstration Registration Now Open
As part of continuing efforts to improve its physical inspection process, HUD has announced a nationwide, open registration for the National Standards for the Physical Inspection of Real Estate (NSPIRE) Demonstration. Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) and Property Owners/Agents (POAs) are welcome to register; however, HUD will begin the selection process with properties from Region III and will continue until a nationwide representative group is chosen.

PHAs and POAs are encouraged to register one or multiple properties for acceptance into the Demonstration project, but there is no requirement to submit all properties within a portfolio. If accepted into the Demonstration, participants may voluntarily withdraw any or all properties at any time. Click here for additional information and to register. For questions, please email:

Income from Census Work
The 2020 census is around the corner. As a reminder, sites are to exclude any temporary income payments from both rental calculations and the HUD 50059. “Temporary employment” is defined as employment lasting no longer than 180 days and not culminating in permanent employment.

However, employer verification of both the employment dates and income amount must be maintained in the resident’s file. This employment information may also appear on the EIV Income Discrepancy report. You will need to document the report, as well as the tenant file noting why the income was not included on the 50059.
Upcoming trainings – NEAHMA & RBD
  • NEAHMA WebinarsRegister here
  • How to Detect LIHTC Resident and Applicant Fraud | August 8 @ 10:00 - 11:30 am
  • Fair Housing Maintenance Challenges: Sexual Harassment, Limited English Proficiency, Disabilities, Clutter | August 13 @ 10:00 - 11:30 am
  • Part 1: Understanding TRACS-TRACS Webinar Series | August 21 @ 10:00 - 11:30 am
  • Documenting Resident Violations | August 22 @ 10:00 - 11:30 am
  • Part 2: MAT Transmission-TRACS | August 28 @ 10:00 - 11:30 am
  • Ross Business Development Trainings
  • EIV Basics Online Training Workshop: August 7 and 8
  • EIV Income Discrepancies Online Training Workshop: August 22

  • Periodically check your certifications in TRACs to ensure they match the certifications in your system.
  • CAs will be collecting salary information per question 27b on the HUD 9834. Sites may elect to email the information to the interviewer if they prefer.

Please contact your Contract Administrator if you have questions
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