January 2019
Property Matters
Keeping You Informed

Dear Partners:

The Project-Based Section 8 program is one of the largest housing resources for low-income individuals and families in Rhode Island. Thank you for your continued partnership in providing this critical resource to our residents.

As always, RIHousing is here to help. Our team of housing specialists works with owners and service providers to ensure quality housing. Please contact the Division of Leased Housing at 401-429-1409 with any questions or concerns.

Barbara Fields
Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director
Update on the Partial Government Shutdown

As you are aware, the U.S. Federal Government is amid its longest shutdown ever. This partial shutdown includes most HUD employees. RIHousing would like to give a quick overview of the potential impacts on the PBCA program:

  • February Voucher Payments – We expect all but a small number of vouchers will be paid on time and in full. The small number of properties that have not been allocated their full funding from HUD have already been contacted by RIHousing.
  • Annual Adjustments – OCAFs are proceeding as usual. If there was an error on your OCAF calculation that required HUD to make changes in their system, we will have to wait for their staff to return. Fortunately, RIHousing begins the OCAF process five months ahead of time and we don’t anticipate any issues. If OCAFs do need to be completed past their effective dates, we are able to back date Gross Rent changes when completing your voucher payments.
  • Contract Renewals – All contract renewals are on hold at this time as they require HUD involvement. Once the shutdown ends, RIHousing will prioritize these contracts to try to mitigate the lost time. However, no contracts are currently in danger of expiration.
REMINDER: Voucher Correction Letters

Beginning in January 2019, in accordance with standard industry practice, RIHousing implemented a policy of no longer sending out correction letters with unbalanced vouchers. Contract Administrators will instead send the voucher report from our HDS software, the HUD-52670 report, and the TRACS error report. Using these reports, sites should be able to identify and correct any errors for the following month’s submission. Contract Administrators will remain available by phone and email throughout the month to help resolve discrepancies, but all vouchers will be approved by the 22 nd of each month regardless of any outstanding issues.

Please contact your Contract Administrator if you have questions
- we're here to help !