December 22, 2020
Prophetic Witness from Around the World: the Map of our Movement
In the second of this series of end-of-the year newsletters, we focus on two topics have emerged in the past year as central to the discourse on Palestinian rights.

Our first story covers a letter published on November 29th in The Guardian. Signed by 122 Palestinian and other Arab academics, journalists and writers, the letter addresses the recent definition of anti-Semitism of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance. Critics have accused the IHRA of fostering the "weaponization" of anti-Semitism to stifle criticism of the State of Israel. "The fight against antisemitism," reads the letter, "has been increasingly instrumentalized by the Israeli government and its supporters in an effort to delegitimize the Palestinian cause and silence defenders of Palestinian rights."

The second topic is Christian Zionism, a powerful amalgam of theology and political ideology that has been a critical factor in western support for the colonization of Palestine since the beginning of the modern Zionist movement. Christian Zionism has continued to play an important role after the establishment of the State of Israel. Today, its influence has grown even stronger, prompting a challenge from theologians, church leaders and activists from around the world following the lead of Kairos theology of Palestinian Christians. Challenging Christian Zionism is central to the work of Global Kairos for Justice. Kairos USA and Palestine Portal have followed developments from Asia, South Africa, Europe, and the Americas. Today we bring you a report on a recent webinar presented by the Indo-Palestine Solidarity Network.
Palestinians Decry the Weaponization of Anti-Semitism
A group of 122 Palestinian and Arab academics, journalists and writers have written a powerful letter expressing their concerns about the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism.

"In recent years, the fight against antisemitism has been increasingly instrumentalised by the Israeli government and its supporters in an effort to delegitimise the Palestinian cause and silence defenders of Palestinian rights. The fight against antisemitism should not be turned into a stratagem to delegitimise the fight against the oppression of the Palestinians, the denial of their rights and the continued occupation of their land." 

The letter masterfully articulates seven principles, including:

"The suppression of Palestinian rights in the IHRA definition betrays an attitude upholding Jewish privilege in Palestine instead of Jewish rights, and Jewish supremacy over Palestinians instead of Jewish safety."

"We believe that human values and rights are indivisible and that the fight against antisemitism should go hand in hand with the struggle on behalf of all oppressed peoples and groups for dignity, equality and emancipation."

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"The raising of Palestinian voices in the struggle against settler colonialism, occupation and dispossession has been used by Christian Zionists to drive Islamophobia around the world."

So reads the introduction to “Christian Zionism: A Threat to Christian-Muslim Relations,” a webinar organized by the Indo-Palestine Solidarity Network. "The current trends in relationships between evangelical groups and Zionist organizations," continues the introduction, "have opened pathways for pressure on governments to shield Israel from accountability in its violations of international law. The normalization of relations between some Arab states and Israel is an example of political arrangements coming at the expense of Palestinian rights."
The wide-ranging webinar emphasizes the importance of education and of outreach to groups throughout Asia. "With 62% of the world's Muslims living in Asia, conversations among progressive religious groups and civil society are an imperative to counter the influence of Christian Zionism in Asian churches and other settings."
The webinar features presentations from India, Malaysia and South Korea, as well as from Israeli historian Ilan Pappé. Each presentation is listed separately for easy navigation.
The voices of the global South (not strictly a geographic descriptor, referring to the formerly colonized nations of the world) are more and more vital as we confront what Indian essayist and novelist Pankaj Mishra calls the "imperial dispensation" of a global economic and political order of exploitation, dispossession, and the despoiling of Creation.

Kairos USA is committed to foregrounding the voices of people, wherever they may be, who understand the experience of having their “backs against the walls” of racism, dispossession and oppression.
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