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August 16, 2018 

Three Week Public Comment Period Begins for 
Proposed Exterior Alterations to the future Dunkin Donuts site in Oakland Mills  
August 16, 2018
The Oakland Mills Board and public were presented with proposed exterior alteration plans for the future Dunkin Donuts site in Oakland Mills on Tuesday, August 14, 2018.  The site selected is the former Columbia Bank and is owned by Cedar Realty Trust, the owner of the Oakland Mills Shopping Center.
The process to make exterior alterations to a commercial property falls under the Oakland Mills Non-Residential Architectural Process and Guidelines.  As required, the property owner makes a presentation to the Board and community followed by a three week comment period.  After the three weeks, the Oakland Mills Covenant Advisor compiles a report based on the comments submitted and sends the report to the property owner.  The property owner can then file a Non-Residential Exterior Alteration Application.  The non residential process and guidelines are attached below.
Based on the process we are now in the three week comment period.  Please review the plans that are attached below.  Comments must be based on the exterior alteration plans attached only. Please don't comment on the type of products sold or other business operation questions.
Comments should be submitted in writing by sending an email to Carrie Wenholz, Covenant Advisor, applications@oaklandmills.org, by dropping comments off at the Other Barn to Carrie's attention, or by mailing them to Oakland Mills at 5851 Robert Oliver Place, Columbia, MD  21045.
Thank you!
Exterior Alteration Site Plans:

Sandy Cederbaum, Village Manager