July 29, 2019

CN/St. Charles Air Line Track Realignment Update

The following two double-sided fliers detail proposed changes to the St. Charles Air Line which runs through the South Loop just north of 16th St. The first flier is a general overview of the proposed project, which covers the track and bridges between Clark St. and Michigan Ave. The second flier is for the Dearborn St. Bridge specifically, which is the bridge they are currently working under. 

Fliers for each individual bridge will be created and each flier will be consistently updated throughout the life of the project to let residents know exactly what is happening in the neighborhood. Each flier also contains a phone number for questions or to register complaints with Canadian National (CN).

The City of Chicago is working with CN to negotiate the best possible outcome for this project in order to limit not only the impact construction has on residents, but also to mitigate any long-term impact the track realignment may have on the community.