Please join us
October 15, 2020, 6:00 p.m.
Hudson Pizza Hut

Special Guest Speaker
St. Croix County Sheriff
John Shilts

Discussion will be centered on Constitutional issues. Bring your questions and concerns
Retired St. Croix County Sheriff
John Shilts has served in law enforcement since 1979. He retired in 2017 after being elected to two terms as the St. Croix County Sheriff. He is a graduate of the 226th session of the FBI National Academy. He currently is the owner of Shilts Investigation and Consulting where he specializes in public employee investigations and assisting municipalities in getting their police departments in compliance with state and federal requirements. He is currently performing such a task in Roberts, Wisconsin.
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Click here for Tisha Dayton's scientific data provided to the Utah County Health and Human services Board.



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Contact your local town/city/village representatives and ask them to place the draft Resolution Opposed to the St. Croix County Communicable Disease Ordinance on their agenda as soon as possible. Click here for an e-mailable draft copy.

Click here for video of "Town Hall Meeting" where many citizens did not get a chance to voice their opinions: St. Croix County HHS Subcommittee Town Hall meeting, October 7, 2020

SCC HHS Board Committee: Chair, Dave Ostness 715-307-2050
Greg Tellijohn 612-245-7879
Carah Koch 651-295-3321
Scottie Ard 715-338-6064
Co-chair, Paulette Anderson 612-229-6041
Deb Lindemann 715-246-8365
Paul McGinnis

Click here for full St. Croix County Board of Supervisors

St. Croix County HHS Public Health Communications Subcommittee meeting October 14, 2020
5:00 p.m.
1101 Carmichael Road, Hudson
Peaceful, prayerful protest starting at 3:00 p.m. in front of the Government Center

Click here for agenda. Please read the agenda. This proposed Communicable Health Ordinance is overwhelmingly OPPOSED by the citizens of the St. Croix County.

If the HHS Subcommittee approves the proposed Ordinance, it might go to the HHS Board Committee October 21, 5:00 p.m.

If the HHS Board Committee approves a proposed Ordinance, it could go before the full St. Croix County Board of Supervisors November 3 at 9:00 a.m., or December 1, 2020, 8:30 a.m. meeting(s).

Click here for proposed Draft Ordinance.

Click here for Facebook updates from Jessica Klatt.

Click here for statements by some panel members from the HHS Subcommittee Town Hall meeting regarding Constitutional rights.

Click here for ordinance information.
The intention of this ordinance is not to impact individual rights. It is a safety measure to protect all of us if our voluntary efforts fail to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and loss of life.
Public Health has the duty to protect the health and wellbeing of everyone in St. Croix County using the least restrictive means necessary. In extreme circumstances, some constitutional rights may be limited as long as there is a strong enough reason to do so and so long as the measures are implemented in the least restrictive manner possible."

Watch the video: Skip to Minute 45:00. The Chair decided to move an agenda item up prior to public comments, instead of having the citizens speak first. Thank you to all who hung in there! 25 people spoke against the proposed draft ordinance. Zero spoke for it.


Barron County, Wisconsin, Withdraws Public Health Officer Ordinance!

Click here for Barron County Sheriff Facebook post

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