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October 9, 2023


Proposition 28: The Arts and Music in Schools Funding Guarantee and Accountability Act

SMUSD Families,

The San Marino Unified School District is delighted to share some incredibly exciting news that further promotes the importance of arts and music education in our District.  On November 8, 2022, California voters approved Proposition 28: The Arts and Music in Schools Funding Guarantee and Accountability Act,  a transformative art and music grant that will empower our District to not only preserve but also expand and enhance our existing programs.  SMUSD arts and music programs have proven to be invaluable assets, offering a multitude of benefits to our students, our community, and the education system as a whole. The passage of Prop 28 underscores our ongoing commitment to the arts and music to further secure and expand funding for arts and music programs in school districts. 

Arts and music education contribute significantly to the holistic development of our students by fostering creativity, self-expression, and critical thinking skills. They provide a unique outlet for students to explore their talents, develop their passions, and gain confidence in their abilities. Engaging in music and arts education allows our children to discover their individuality and develop a sense of identity, which is crucial for their personal growth.

Furthermore, arts and music in schools have been shown to improve academic performance across the board. Numerous studies have indicated a strong correlation between participation in these programs and enhanced cognitive skills, better problem-solving abilities, and improved academic achievement. These benefits extend beyond the arts classroom, positively impacting students in their other subjects as well.

Proposition 28 presents an essential opportunity for us to further the expansion and sustainability of arts and music programs in San Marino Unified commencing the 2023-24 fiscal year.  Annual Prop 28 funding will be allocated by the CDE to K–12 Districts using the methodology outlined in Education Code 8820, which is based on the share of statewide total enrollment and the share of enrollment of economically disadvantaged pupils at each eligible school site of the K–12 District from the preceding school year. 

Based on this funding methodology, SMUSD schools received their appropriate allocations for the 2023-24 school year, as shown below.

  • Carver ES:  $69,367
  • Valentine ES: $73,734
  • Huntington MS:  $74,414
  • San Marino HS:  $104,819

As a requirement of Prop 28, receiving schools are required to annually develop a plan delineating how funds received will be expended. School districts with more than 500 pupils are required to expend at least 80 percent of the funds received to employ certificated or classified employees to provide arts education instruction and the remaining funds for training supplies, curriculum, professional learning, materials, and arts educational partnership programs. To meet provisions of Prop 28, school site administrators worked in collaboration with their respective faculties to develop their Prop 28 plans for the 2023-24 school year. These plans can be viewed below and are accessible on the Educational Services webpage on the SMUSD website.

Carver ES       Valentine ES       Huntington MS       San Marino HS

Additional information can be found on the CDE website's Prop 28 - Arts and Music Education webpage.

San Marino Unified School District is excited about the prospects of Prop 28 and the ability to offer our students a future filled with creativity, where arts and music continue to thrive in our schools!


Lena Richter, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services

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