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The Optimal Brief | April 2020
Pros and Cons of Using
an IDaaS Solution

While more companies are opting for quality cloud-based IAM, identity as a service, or IDaaS, is not for every company. There are many benefits of IDaaS, but they come with risks as well. For example, although easily avoidable, one of the big negatives that many companies anticipate from an IDaaS solution is the danger of having to outsource critical functions.
Do you feel cloud based idenity is more manageable than an on-prem solution?
Webinar April 21st, 11 AM EST
I.T.'s Secret Weapon:
The Virtual Directory

Using a virtual directory server is an easy way to see data from multiple applications, directory servers and data stores that are fundamentally incompatible. It also allows you to simply integrate new applications into your current identity infrastructure without needing to alter directory data – your data stays in its original format and location!

A virtual directory server is a complex and advanced concept that is not well understood outside of the circles where it is used. But in this presentation, we will show why it could be the single most flexible and powerful software component you can add to improve the administration and operation of your enterprise directory services.
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Featured IAM Solutions

A complete Identity as a Service (IDaaS) federated broker
  • Private Dedicated Cloud
  • SSO to Applications
  • Delegated Administration
  • Affordable Monthly Plans
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A hosted RESTful web service that provides the ability to perform various authentications including single and multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Benefits include:
  • Security and Control
  • Compliance
  • Efficient Deployment
  • Reduced Costs