According to the prosecutor Shawn Schweitzer gave a "full confession" and "passed a lie detector." Shawn did not pass a lie detector.
A little background:

Dana Ireland, 23, was kidnapped, raped and murdered on the Big Island of Hawai’i, December 24, 1991. Eight years later, in 1999, three Puna men were charged with the shocking crime; they were Frank Pauline, Jr., and two brothers, Albert Ian Schweitzer and Shawn Schweitzer.
"Frank Pauline and Ian Schweitzer guilty   In August of 1999 a Hilo jury found Frank Pauline guilty of the kidnapping, sexual assault and murder of Dana Ireland. In February of 2000 another Hilo jury found Albert Ian Schweitzer guilty of the same crimes. Both men were given life sentences.

Plea Agreement. Shortly after the plea Shawn Schweitzer accepted a deal that allowed him to walk free. Under the agreement Shawn would get credit for time served and plead guilty to the lesser crime of Manslaughter. In exchange he would confess to his involvement in the crime with Frank and Ian."

Press Release. In April of 2000, shortly after the plea and Shawn Schweitzer was freed, the Hawai’i County Prosecutor issued a press release. The prosecutor’s press release stated that Shawn Schweitzer had given a detailed and full confession and had passed a lie detector administered by the Hawai’i Attorney General’s office.

Deception indicated. It was true he had confessed, but it was not true that he had passed a polygraph in support of his confession. In fact, he did not pass, the polygraph examiner’s report stated, “deception indicated.”

May 9, 2000, sentencing hearing.   During the Shawn Schweitzer sentencing hearing the prosecutor told the judge that Shawn had taken a polygraph. He did not say that Shawn passed the polygraph, but that was the implication.

The prosecutor’s press release, with its false claim of passing a polygraph, was the death knell of the appeals of Frank Pauline and Albert Ian Schweitzer. WHY? Because the third co-defendant had confessed to the crime, his confession implicated Frank and Ian in the crime, and he had passed a polygraph is support of his confession. It was a done deal; all three are guilty, case closed.

However, the truth is:

  1. Shawn Schweitzer lied to avoid life in prison; his confession was false.
  2. Shawn Schweitzer did not pass a polygraph in support of his confession.
  3. The real killer, the man who left his sperm, is still out there.
If you haven’t already done so, please watch “Who Killed Dana Ireland? for more information on this shocking crime at

Judges for Justice does not intend to criticize any of the participants in this case – past or present. Error happens; when recognized it is progress toward truth. It is never too late for justice.

This is the 17 th email from Judges for Justice. Stay tuned for the 18 th email; its subject will be, “Sperm DNA test eliminates the three defendants.”

Judge Michael Heavey (Ret.)
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