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Credit Tip Tuesday from St. Louis Builds Credit
Having a mix of credit types can show that you can manage all types of credit because you use them differently. Installment credit (like a car or student loan) involves paying a set amount every month, while revolving credit (like a credit card) shows more responsibility in how you manage and control how much you use and pay back every month.
St. Louis Builds Credit (STLBC) is a citywide credit building initiative that seeks to use credit building as a lever to open doors for St. Louisans to achieve a prime credit score, build wealth, and promote financial health. We believe that credit building can be a tool for tackling income inequality and decreasing the racial wealth gap. Our vision is that credit is a force that brings about financial justice and economic dignity for every St. Louisan.

STLBC is led by Prosperity Connection in partnership with Equifax Foundation, Dutchtown South Community Corporation, Justine PETERSEN, and Small Business Empowerment Center.