Prosperity through's possible!
Let’s talk Church financial management during troubled times.
As the senior loan officer for the Loan Fund, I find it my responsibility to assist pastors as you manage through these economic downturns. Please note the following:
Tithing among Apostolics is not considered “discretionary expenses.” Meaning, most members treat tithes as essential expenses and will give anytime they have income. Offerings, on the other hand, are treated as discretionary expenses and tend to go down during troubled times.
Currently, 18% of US households have already experienced a decline in income since February. This number will increase in the next few weeks. In summary, tithes and offerings are expected to decline.
Instead of thinking doom and gloom, let’s be proactive. Below you will find several recommendations for managing church finances in this season.
Please know we are covering you and your church in prayer. With God’s help, we will come through this victorious! 
1) Plan on a 20%-30% decline in church revenue over the next few weeks. If a decline does not occur, yet you planned for one, you will be money ahead.

2) Cut all non-essential expenses. “Strategic Abandonment” is the act of purposefully stopping one thing for the good of another. Do not allow the fear of what someone might say stop you from making a wise decision. Your future will thank you for making the tough decisions now.

3) Start a 6-month expense reserve as soon as possible. Remember, we offer a flexible demand certificate at the Loan Fund, our Kingdom Impact Account. It has a low minimum balance, and you can access it anytime after 30 days. These funds are not invested in the stock market, and help us continue to offer financing to churches just like yours. You can learn more here.

Remember, Joseph instructed Pharaoh to save 20% of every harvest for the upcoming lean years. This is great advice for us too.

4) Consider Church Management Software. To help maintain the church’s flow of income in a “social distancing” society, it is vital that churches offer online giving and text-to-give options. Software programs such as Breeze, Planning Center, Realm, Faith Teams, and Elvanto offer these features, plus a wide array of other features that help manage groups, stay in contact with membership, and assist with contribution tracking.
5) Create a budget and stick to it. Below you will find a sample budget that does not include things that are supported by fundraisers (major offerings, church mission trips, youth events, etc...) Those types of things are considered “pass through” and should be part of a separate budget plan. This sample chart includes all tithes and general offerings.
If any pastors need help creating a budget, or have other questions, please feel free to call me. My direct line is (636) 229-7947.
We believe God put the Loan Fund team here to be helpers of the harvest. You all are brothers and sisters and we want to help however we can. God bless you and may revival flourish in 2020!


Rick Lovall