Prostate Cancer Connections is a new series of educational and interactive webinars which bring people together virtually and safely to access empowering, decision-making information and personal connections in a time of social distancing. In t he first of our three webinars, we offered a discussion around  how and if men with prostate cancer should talk to their kids about how it could impact their lives . Video of this webinar is now available at:
"The Talk" Video:

  • Moderator: Dr. Alicia Morgans, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
  • Medical Panelist: Dr. Ryan Berglund, Urologist, Cleveland Clinic, and Spokesperson for the Cleveland Clinic MENtion It Men's Health Awareness Campaign 
  • Panel Includes Fathers, Sons, and Daughters Addressing Active Surveillance, Low/Intermediate and Advanced Prostate Cancer and Inheritable Gene Mutations

  • How and If Men with Prostate Cancer Should Talk to Their Kids About How it Could Impact Their Lives
  • Passing Cancer to Sons and Daughters
  • And Much More!
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