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We hope that you’re staying cool as the summer heats up, and that all of the dads enjoyed a happy Father’s Day! We’re pleased to provide you with more Prostate Cancer News You Can Use . In addition to the following noteworthy information that may be of interest to you, titles of prostate cancer news articles are listed below along with a link to the Us TOO web page that provides access to the full text for each article. 

Please join us on Saturday, June 23, for Prostate Cancer Pathways for Patients and Caregivers – a new, free educational event and webcast from Seattle. Medical experts will present a brief overview of men’s wellness and health risks including prostate cancer, followed by educational content for managing prostate cancer that’s newly diagnosed, recurring, or advanced. Symposium topics will also include genomics along with psychosocial issues related to coping with the challenges of diagnosis and treatment. Get more information and register to attend in person, or watch the online webcast with live audio and video from the event.

A prostate cancer survivor and Us TOO support group leader, Us TOO Vice Chairman Jim Schraidt has been battling treatment side effects for the past eight years. Jim shared his personal experience in a recent post on MedPage Today

If you’re a prostate cancer survivor and interested in advancing the progress of prostate cancer research to help conquer the disease, consider volunteering as a consumer reviewer with the Prostate Cancer Research Program (PCRP) of the Department of Defense (DOD) Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP). Get more information about the DOD CDMRP program and complete the PCRP e-nomination form (scroll down to 3rd page of the online form) and submit it as soon as possible. (Please note that the online form must be saved to your computer and the document must be submitted as an email attachment.) 

Because prostate cancer can be a couple’s disease, a woman may be subject to her own concerns in addition to those she shares with her husband/partner. A Forum for Her is a regular conference call series (and invitation-only Facebook group) from Us TOO which provides women with important peer-to-peer support. Calls are free and participants are not required to share their identity with the group. 

Check out, a new website with educational content on several types of cancer, including p rostate cancer .

Please note that the content below lists only the title of the article rather than a direct link to the content. For access to the full article CLICK HERE .

  • New Prostate Cancer Findings from University of Miami Reported (Imaging for the selection and monitoring of men on active surveillance for prostate...

  • New Prostate Cancer Findings Reported from National Cancer Institute ("Super-active surveillance"MRI ultrasound fusion biopsy and ablation for less...

  • Studies from University of Milan Provide New Data on Prostate Cancer (The prostate cancer focal therapy)

  • Bone scan software accurately calculates prognosis of advanced prostate cancer

  • Reports Summarize Prostate Cancer Findings from Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health (Which Patients Report That Their...

  • Black patients show stronger response to hormone therapy for prostate cancer

  • AZ and MSD impress at ASCO with Lynparza combo data in prostate cancer

  • Beehive extract shows potential as prostate cancer treatment

  • Researchers at Austin Hospital Target Prostate Cancer [The Patient-Reported Information Multidimensional Exploration (PRIME) Framework for...

  • Findings from University of Chicago Yields New Findings on Prostate Cancer (Multiparametric MR Imaging of the Prostate after Treatment of Prostate...

  • Findings from New York University in the Area of Prostate Cancer Described (Imaging the High-risk Prostate Cancer Patient: Current and Future...

  • Study paves the way for better treatment of prostate cancer

  • University of South Florida Reports Findings in Prostate Cancer (Multifaceted Roles for Macrophages in Prostate Cancer Skeletal Metastasis)

  • Data on Prostate Cancer Described by R. Thera et al (Understanding Medical Decision-making in Prostate Cancer Care)

  • Investigators from University of Washington Target Prostate Cancer (Identification of men with low-risk biopsy-confirmed prostate cancer as...

  • Fewer US Men Are Being Screened, Diagnosed, and Treated for Prostate Cancer

  • Finasteride does not increase risk of prostate cancer death, SWOG results show

  • Seattle Prostate Cancer Educational Symposium Set for June 23

Watch for the July 2018 issue of the Us TOO Hot SHEET newsletter in a few weeks; and let us know how we can help provide you with educational resources, support services and personal connections to others in the prostate cancer community.

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