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We hope that you’re doing well and keeping cool as we approach September – Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. In addition to the following updates and information that may be of interest to you, prostate cancer news article titles are listed below along with a link to the Us TOO web page that provides access to the full text for each article. 

If you haven’t already done so, please register to join us at the next Prostate Cancer Pathways for Patients and Caregivers in Englewood, NJ, on Saturday, September 29. This free event/webcast will provide a brief overview of men’s wellness and health risks including prostate cancer, followed by medical experts presenting educational content for managing prostate cancer that’s newly diagnosed, recurring, or advanced. We’ll also feature a presentation led by the experts on sex and intimacy relative to prostate cancer. Get more information and register to attend in person, or watch the online webcast with live audio and video from the event. 

And check out the recorded video from the Seattle Pathways event held on June 23. For easy access, content from the entire day is cataloged with a link to specific segments noted by topic.

We encourage you to participate in the 14th Annual SEA Blue Chicago Prostate Cancer Walk & Run in Lincoln Park on Sunday, September 9. If you aren’t able to attend the event, please consider registering as a virtual mover at no charge and inviting your network of friends and family to support you in recognition of SEA Blue. It’s an important opportunity for raising awareness for prostate cancer during Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and raising funds that help support the work of Us TOO. 

And if you’re in Los Angeles on September 7-9, check out the 2018 PCRI Prostate Cancer Patient Conference. Each day consists of easy-to-understand presentations, extended Q+A sessions, treatment-based breakout sessions, and support groups that cover every major prostate cancer topic. 

Because prostate cancer can be a couple’s disease, a woman may be subject to her own concerns in addition to those she shares with her husband/partner. A Forum for Her is a regular conference call series (and invitation-only Facebook group) from Us TOO which provides women with important peer-to-peer support. Calls are free and participants are not required to share their identity with the group. Find more information on how to join a call.

LivingWith is a new FREE app for mobile devices. It’s designed to help manage life with cancer by connecting with loved ones, asking for help, improving communication with doctors, and staying organized – all in one place.

Also, be sure to check out, a new website with educational content on several types of cancer, including prostate cancer.

Please note that the content below lists only the title of the article rather than a direct link to the content. For access to the full article CLICK HERE.

  • NIH and Prostate Cancer Foundation launch large study on aggressive prostate cancer in African-American men

  • Analysis of prostate tumors reveals clues to cancer's aggressiveness

  • Obesity affects prostate cancer test results

  • U.S. FDA Approves XTANDI® enzalutamide for the Treatment of Men with Non-Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer CRPC

  • New Prostate Cancer Study Findings Have Been Reported by Researchers at Antwerp University Hospital (Effects of a six-month supervised physical...

  • Research from University of Florida Yields New Findings on Prostate Cancer (Choosing Channels, Sources, and Content for Communicating Prostate Cancer...

  • Blood test can predict optimal treatment for advanced prostate cancer, study finds

  • Findings from Marquette University Provides New Data about Prostate Cancer (Radio-pathomic Maps of Epithelium and Lumen Density Predict the Location...

  • Timing of dinner may affect breast and prostate cancer risk

  • New Prostate Cancer Study Findings Have Been Reported by G. Kothari and Colleagues (Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for Primary Prostate Cancer)

  • Findings from Brigham and Women's Hospital in the Area of Prostate Cancer Reported (Hematologic Toxicity From Radium-223 Therapy for Bone Metastases...

  • Studies in the Area of Prostate Cancer Reported from Auckland University of Technology (Influences on health-care practitioners' promotion of...

  • Findings on Prostate Cancer Discussed by Investigators at University of British Columbia (Toward a real-time system for temporal enhanced...

  • Researchers at Department of Medicine Release New Data on Prostate Cancer (Interpersonal Processes and Intimacy Among Men With Localized Prostate...

  • New Prostate Cancer Data Have Been Reported by Researchers at University of Paris Saclay (Helping patients make informed decisions. Two-year...

  • Reports on Prostate Cancer Findings from University of Rochester Provide New Insights (Historical and contemporary perspectives on cribriform...

  • Studies from G. Pignot et al Add New Findings in the Area of Prostate Cancer (Systemic treatments for high-risk localized prostate cancer)

There are just a few weeks until Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and the September issue of the Hot SHEET newsletter! We encourage you to do what you can to raise awareness for the disease. Let us know how we can help provide you with educational resources, support services and personal connections to others in the prostate cancer community.

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