Hello Michael,

I recently attended Trump Club 45's "Justice is Coming" rally in Inverness and, I must say, this rally was very inspiring.

Floridians want to feel safe. Parents want to go out with their families at night without the fear of a mindless, violent attack.

Joe Biden's America has become dangerous. George Soros-funded District Attorneys are slapping the wrists of violent criminals while weaponizing our justice system against their political opposition.

While we're doing everything we can to protect ourselves, we have another issue that's threatening Florida and our country as a whole -- China is developing military installations in Cuba.

China and Cuba are in advanced negotiations for the construction of a joint military facility and, according to The Wall Street Journal, the two have reached an agreement to have a spy base on the island.


During the "Justice is Coming" rally, I recognized that what Florida needs most are representatives in government who will stand up and fight back.

China has been a threat to our nation since Congress voted to give China permanent most-favored-nation status in 2000. They have been moving in on us for the past 23 years, and we need to take action now.

We need to elect proven conservatives who will secure our elections and make sure the radical Marxists can't install another puppet politician. We need to elect leaders who will do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to stop the weaponization of federal agencies against Floridians.

Where are the real Republicans? Why are so many refusing to stand up and fight?

The truth is, they don't work for you. Establishment Republicans work for the special interests that fund their campaigns and advance their corrupt political careers.

Team Levine is for the people. I refuse to take any donations from woke Marxist corporations and special interests because my campaign can't be bought!

Join my fight against the corrupt, radical Marxists who are weaponizing our justice system and politically targeting their opponents by selecting an option below and making an URGENT donation to Team Levine today!

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It's time to elect representatives who will protect Floridians from threats both foreign and domestic.

We need to support our law enforcement agencies and ensure that they are equipped to handle any situation that comes our way.

The radical left stops at NOTHING. It's time We The People fight back.

In liberty and with gratitude,

Mike Levine

Candidate for State Representative

Florida House District 26