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Spring 2021 Informational Updates!

´╗┐Protect NYS Pregnancy Resource Centers!

Update: The NYS Assembly Health Committee approved bill #A. 5499 on April 19, 2021. The bill then was sent to the Assembly Ways & Means Committee. 

This bill will enable the NYS Health Commissioner to subpoena pro-life Pregnancy Resource Centers, forcing the centers to needlessly produce an overwhelming volume of data and reports. The impact of #A. 5499 will likely shut down numerous NYS Pregnancy Resource Centers. Women facing unplanned pregnancies need life-affirming options! There's still time to urge your lawmakers to oppose this unnecessary and dangerous bill.

*FCLNY is a non-sectarian non-profit, but works with

all religious organizations that align with our goals.*

Take Action at the NYS Catholic Conference Link Here

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FCLNY Board President, Carol Crossed, to speak at Consistent Life Ethic Conference on:

"Creating a Culture of Life in a Divided Country"

Topic: Depolarizing Our Conversation on

Those Hot Button Topics: A Historical

Suffrage Perspective

Speaker: Carol Crossed

Time: 3:05 pm

Date: Saturday, April 24, 2021

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