September 2014
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They are being embraced by educators as important learning tools, but some health experts are warning that tablets and smartphones can have harmful health effects, especially on young, developing children. Dr. Devra Davis says microwave radiation from the devices poses significant risks to children. Learn more   

Parents and policymakers need information to support safe technology in schools. Visit EHT's new webpage on Schools and Safe Technology to download our Briefing Book for Schools, a parent factsheet, and Ten Tips for Safer Tech, offering solutions to reduce children's exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Learn more   

Read Dr. Davis's report in
San Francisco Medicine, the Journal of the San Francisco Medical Society, about the public health impacts of cell phone radiationLearn more   
Ongoing research shows that magnetic radiation emitted by cell phones can harm both men and women. Take some time away from your devices today. 
 Learn more about what it means to be a volunteer. 
EHT needs your help to complete our infant and toddler brain modeling study to learn the true levels of radiation that young children absorb from wireless devices. Although millions of young children are using devices today, nobody can tell us what this may mean for their health.
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