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Protect Your Health and SF's Beauty
"Stop Telecom's Control of our City"
Board of Supervisor Meeting
Tuesday, October 22th, 2019
3pm - 5pm
City Hall, Room 250

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Protect Your Health and SF's beauty   

Please support a recently formed group of neighbors called San Franciscans for Local Control, not Telecom (SFLC) on Tuesday October 22nd as they urge the Board of Supervisors to change an ordinance recently passed that allows up to four (4) cell phone towers on one utility pole -- as close as six feet from your window.

This law neither safeguards us from the onslaught of 5G, which telecom is ready to place on each block in San Francisco, nor does it maintain the beauty of one of the most spectacular cities in the world.  

Cow Hollow has many streets that still have utility lines and poles and these will be the target of the new 5G equipment.  Not only will this be a health hazard and unsightly, the additional telecom equipment makes the prospect of undergrounding utility lines more expensive and complicated, and therefore more unlikely.

Please attend the Supervisor meeting this Tuesday and show support for rescinding ordinance190-19 that amended the Public Works code Article 25 pertaining to installing cell phone towers. 

When: Tuesday, October 22, from 3-5 pm

Where: City Hall, Room 250 (the room at the top of the sweeping staircase you see when you enter from the Polk Street side)

Why: To rescind the law, research what would better safeguard the health of San Franciscans and the beauty of San Francisco, and replace with a better law

SFLC will have stickers to put on and talking points. Even if you do not want to talk, your very presence will be powerful. Thank you for caring about the future of San Francisco.

For more information:
SFLC Facebook - follow their page to stay informed
- Sign petition to  support emergency resolution to the Board of Supervisors to gain local control and preserve San Francisco's health and beauty

We are a volunteer organization  and your support 
helps us confront issues impacting our neighborhood.


Cow Hollow Association ~ Board of Directors
Sherry Archer, David Bancroft, Anne Bertrand, Lori Brooke, 
Don Emmons, Cynthia Gissler, Karen Laughlin, 
Claire Mills, Veronica Taisch, Geoff Wood